Heya people!!!

If you didn't know, I had my mane colored just the other day at 313 Shunji Matsuo. 

I wanted this hair since July 2012 but because of the upcoming wedding shoots, I delayed the coloring till now~~

See how it is done here : The Beauty Department

Dip dye hair by Lauren Conrad

I went to Caely Tham at 313 Shunji Matsuo, and as usual she is unfazed by my wants!!!! She took a look at the photo I showed her and said,"Bleaching your hair will dry it though, are you game?" 

I said, "Never mind la... bleach it and if its very dry, I know Matrix's hair treatments will cure it! hahahahha"

To me, life is so short, just do or die trying!!! And so I took the plunge!

Caely bleached my hair twice and applied toner to my hair before she started the dip dye process. 

She was very meticulous at ensuring that the colors were blended. 
(A bit like a scientist at work because I had 6 tubs of hair colors.)

And the results :

 I asked the hubby if he liked it and he said," If you like it, I like it." hahahhahaha =p 

To be entirely honest, he prefers me in darker hair. He feels that dark hair made me look more approachable. lolololol...... =p

I love the rainbow color in my hair. And Caely was right, the ends of my hair became very dry and brittle. Caely recommended me this Matrix's Color care shampoo set to maintain the color vibrancy.

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1 FREE Biolage fragrance diffuser with every purchase of any 2 Biolage haircare products. 
Call 62380226 for an appointment at 313 Shunji Matsuo.

More photos of my hair color..... after a few washes, it turned lilac / pink and blue.

25/ 8/ 2012 - Paintball outing with the hubby, family and friends!!!
Photo taken with an iphone 4s

I colored my hair on 23 August 2012, and although my hair looked very very very very dry last week, it totally looks much softer now!!!

Today, I am going to tell you guys how I got my healthy shiny hair in 5 days even after excessive bleaching!!!!!!!!

Here is the latest photo of my hair.....

Daily Dressing 29/8/2012 : Black & nude sheer lace top from www.roomapparel.com 

How I got my healthy shiny hair in 5 days even after excessive bleaching!!!!!!!!

Don’t we all love it, when our hair looks like we have just stepped out of a hair commercial? I often imagine wind whipping through my long shiny locks as I strut my stuff. You know you know?!?! *wink wink* hahahahhahaha While you might think this types of scenarios will only happen in your dreams, I have to tell you that SHINY, HEALTHY HAIR CAN BE A REALITY!!!!!!!

Here's how I got my hair to shine :

1) Use the right Shampoo and Conditioner
I am using Matrix's color shampoo set upon Caely's recommendation.
Matrix's color shampoo set helped to soften the brittle ends and prevent further breakage.

It preserves new hair color and makes the color more vibrant after every wash, plus leaves my hair petal-soft and shiny!!! Best of all, it is paraben and synthic dye-free!

Shampoo/ Conditioner costs $35 for 500ml
Available at 313 Shunji Matsuo

2) DIY Hot-Oil Treatments at HOME!!!!
I would do a hot-oil treatment at home every 3-4 days usually before I bleached my hair. And after bleaching, I was a little paranoid as I did not have any more stock of my Argan oil. 
And the next batch would not arrive so soon.

So, Caely gave me the Matrix Biolage Delicate Hair oil to try.

The Matrix Biolage Delicate Hair oil helped soften my brittle tresses as well!!!!

Here is how I do my hot-oil treatments at home :

1) I put about 10 spoons of Argan Oil / Matrix Biolage Delicate Hair oil in a bowl.
2) Put the bowl into a mircowave to warm it up for 30 seconds. (Ensure that the oil is warmed but not too hot!!!! You don't want to fry your hair, do you?! lol)
3) Spitz some rose water on my hair and apply the warm oil onto my hair.
4) Work the oil into every strand and use a comb to ensure that it is evenly applied. 
5) Tie my hair up and put a shower cap on it.
6) I have a mini hair steamer** at home for my personal use, so after I put on the shower cap, I would switch on the hair steamer and relax~~
7) If you do not have a hair steamer at home, Just leave your hair in the shower cap for 30 mins. 
8) Rinse and shampoo as per normal. After every hot-oil treatment, your hair would soften!!!!!

** If you are interested, please email to me at : jacquelineangelicious@gmail.com for more info! =)

3) Use a leave-in Conditioner!!!!!!
After shampooing and conditioning my hair, I would apply a leave-in conditioner. 
This is the exact one I am using : Arimino Spice Gloss (It eliminates unruly frizz and improves my hair's shine and detangles my hair!)

4) Apply Serum / Argan oil / Matrix Delicate Hair oil 
Apply these after your leave-in conditioner to the TIPS of your hair. 


This step helps to prevent further breakage to your hair. These products can seal the split end to help it look healthier, but they aren't reversing the damage done to your hair. 

So this is how my bleached tips became shiny and healthy!!!!!! I hope my tips help you achieve shiny locks as well!!!!!!!! 我们大家一起加油吧!