I remember dating during my teenage years used to be so much easier and fuss-free. The usual teenage dates consists of hanging out after school, going to the shopping centre and studying together -- oh who can forget those study dates where you spend more time talking than actually studying.

And then we grew up, and our perspective of a good date changes to where you actually go for the date. If the man brings you to a club for the first date, that is a no-go. Or if a man brings you to the skyloft at Sentosa or a place where the chi-chi crowd is at, this one is a keeper?!

And instead of getting to know each other better or looking to build a relationship, we spend most of our time trying to figure out how to impress the other party. In fact, the time we spend together might consists of "putting on our best foot forward" and showing the other party 'how magical it is going to be if they jump aboard our ship.'

Not that this is a bad thing. But I believe (or the hubby has taught me to believe) that consistency is vital to a lasting relationship. He insists that we as humans have to be coherent and not self-contradictory. He believes that showing the other party a false impression of oneself is wrong. And to be entirely honest, the hubby has never painted himself in another light for me to see. He is who he portrays himself to be from the very beginning and I am grateful and thankful for that. (At least, there is no disillusion of how he would be like after the marriage. Hahahahhahaha =p)

Thank goodness those single dating days are over for us.

So now let me share with you peeps some dating tips that I felt were useful for me when I was casually dating :

1) Avoid being Narrow minded!!!!
We as humans tend to be very narrow minded and more often than not, we dismiss people too easily. Don't pre-judge!

2) Avoid being too available!!!!
Everyone likes to be kept in suspense and enjoy the thrill of the chase when dating. Keep your dates in suspense and go no further than the obligatory good night hug on the first date. When he gives you a booty call, don't ever say yes!!! Remember that if all he wants is a booty, he ain't worth it!

3) Looking presentable.
Groom yourself to the best of your ability, put on a new dress or get your hair styled! When you look good, you feel good and when you feel good, confidence oozes out of your skin!!!!

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4) Be yourself.
You want him/her to fall for the real you, so you have to show them who the real you is!

I remember I wasn't that super interested in the hubby in the beginning NOT UNTIL I took a whiff of his perfume and I said,"Wah! Who are you wearing?" His reply totally made the butterflies flutter in my stomach,"Its my natural scent."

Hahhahaha and it wasn't his natural scent of course. He was wearing -- Hugo Boss' Energise (his natural scent indeed) at that time. It was his reply that made me fall in love with his wit!

5) Know how to tell a great story.
In order to break the ice, you would need a great story! Always have a story on hand!!! My hubby used to tell me stories about his life overseas. I guess that was what intrigued me.... hahahhaha =p

6) Be creative!
Bring your date somewhere interesting and have fun together! I'll give you guys some creative dating spots for you to consider!

a) Galley by the Straits 
A very romantic place to have drinks and a meaningful conversation.
Didn't try the food though so....... you guys can give me feedback!

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b) Upper Seletar Reservoir
This place is perfect for a stroll and when you sit down to catch your breath, the scenery takes your breath away! If you are adventurous enough, climb up to the top of the reservoir's tower and be amazed by the stunning panoramic view of the water and lush greenery.

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c) At a random playground
Reminiscence the past of your childhood at a random playground. Be as playful as you can, talk about your "gone were the days" moments with your date. The hubby and I were primary school classmates from Pri 1 to Pri 6 and the moments we spend talking about our childhood, brings me such joy that money can never buy!

d) Go crazy playing paintball
Places to go to for paintball : SOP ,  Redynasty or The outlaws
I went with my mum, sister, friends and hubby. And a date here is perfect to see your dates' personality.  A perfectionist / combat crazy / killer / screamer -- me me me hahahahah etc etc etc

e) Attend a supreme court hearing
This is a good idea to test the other parties' intellect. If you are one who likes your partner with wits and smarts, then you have to do this. Have fun debating after you guys are done with the hearing! 

More info here : Supreme Court

f) Dine at a special needs cafe / restaurant 
There are many such cafes / restaurants in singapore and here is one that caught my eye. 
Dining in the dark 

Now that I have shared with you guys dating tips and places to date at, do share with me yours!!!!!!!

And if the guy in your life is not making an effort to make specific plans with you, this is a red flag that he is either not interested in you or is too lazy or preoccupied to make you a priority. Do ensure that you are being treated how you want to be treated by your partners and I hope all of you feel very very very loved and treasured!

till the next post~~

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