It is important to have smooth skin in order to feel sexy. So give your whole body a good scrubbing down to remove dead skin cells.

**Smooth skin = Sexy skin!**

Pick the Right hand Lotion

If only all moisturisers were created equal, we wouldn't have to try so many to get to the right one! To be honest, I do not enjoy applying hand creams as I detest the sticky feeling. But to feel sexy, you need smooth hands.

And when the team at my life store sent me their SpaRitual Handprint™ Hand Serum for a test drive, I jumped at the opportunity to be able to find my "dream hand lotion".

"The SpaRitual Handprint™ Hand Serum is made with 72% Certified Organic ingredients, this slow aging hand serum delivers a concentrated formula featuring Swiss Apple Stem Cells to seep beneath the skin's surface to help slow the signs of physical aging while protecting the skin from environmental damage. Continued use of Handprint Hand Serum leaves the skin healthy, smooth and firm for a more youthful appearance."

After trying it out, I like that the serum is not sticky, it absorbs into the skin very easily. There is no residue and it smells like a party of citrus fruits on my hand. I am a big fan of smells and this serum smells very very very happy to me.

After using the serum, my hand appears to be fairer and smoother and of course, sexier.

Mini Tip : Apply lotion to slightly damp skin right after you shower to seal in more moisture.

NOTE : Hand Serum would be @ $59.90 (usual $94) 
Hand Serum & Hand Salve Combo Kit @ $79.90 (usual $110)
Only From 24 Aug - 2 Sept

Spray on a Sexy Scent

The Fashion Chambers

According to history, Cleopatra was able to seduce the world's most powerful men. And her seduction tool -- fragrances that brought the men to their knees.

So, you want to feel sexy??? The fastest way is simply by trying out a new perfume. When you smell the same way over and over again, your boyfriend / husband can become immune to the smell. So to turn up the sex appeal, try a new perfume.

Wear it at just the right level something in the lines of "heya" and "lean in closer" and go turn some heads at the office / school today! *wink*

Here are some perfumes that I think are sexy:

  • YSL Opium (a tad strong so use sparingly)  
  • Versace Bright Crystal (I use this as a daily perfume!)  
  • Calvin Klein Euphoria (LOVE THIS!!!!!) 
  • Coco by Chanel {6/10 for me but not my 1st choice, it might suit you babes out there though! ;)}
  • Romance by Ralph Lauren (smells like love~~)

Mini Tip :Apply perfume to your wrist and dab some behind your ears. It drives man nuts!

Wear your hair down

from The Fashion Chambers

Men are attracted to shiny, long lucious hair yes we know that but do you know that men like fuss free hair because they want to run their fingers through it? So if you want to feel sexy instantly, simply wear your hair down and apply some serum or argan oil for that added shine. Plus, you get to flip your hair from side to side, making you appear so much more flirty and fun to be around!

Mini Tip : Apply some perfume to your hair as well, so that when you flip your hair, it smells OH-so-sexy!!! (but not too much ya!!! ) 

Wear matching undies

I know I know, you are rushing out to work / school / run errands. But if you can, wear matching undies because it makes you feel secretly sexy. I know you are not showing your undies to anyone but its a psychological thing -- you think you look sexier beneath the clothes just because you are wearing nice matchy lingerie !!!

Mini Tip : Metro's big sale is now on from 17th August 2012 - 9th Sept 2012. So gooogoogogo grab matchy undies at a fraction of the price. 

I bought many many cute undies at Metro Paragon and at  2 sets for $42 only! =)

I hope you enjoyed my 5 tips and find them useful. SO now gogogoog "sex"  I mean spice things up!!!!!!! ;))))

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NOTE : Hand Serum would be @ $59.90 (usual $94) 
Hand Serum & Hand Salve Combo Kit @ $79.90 (usual $110)
Only From 24 Aug - 2 Sept