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I am at the point of my life where everything is perfect just the way it is.

However, there was a time in my life when nothing seemed to go too well for me. Actually, this was only about a year ago.

 ❤ I wasn't happy in my relationship of 5+ years, in fact, I haven't been happy throughout the 5+ year relationship at all.

 ❤ I didn't really enjoy the things nor the people I surrounded myself with.

 ❤ I didn't know what I truly wanted.

It was truly my "rock bottom" moment.
(Disclaimer : I wasn't happy with my relationship for 5 years but I didn't make any changes to my relationship at all. I simply sat and went with the flow.)

At that point of time, I could never imagine I'd be in the kind of relationship I'm in now nor imagined living the life I live now.

The AWESOME thing is.... after I decided to make a 180 degrees change in the way I perceive things, everything seemed to fall into place. I started to appreciate these "events" for stretching me and helping me to understand myself better.

And even though I still have MORE awesome dreams for my life and my relationship with the hubby, I'm perfectly happy right now.

If you're hurting or in pain right now, and you're reading this and you feel what I'm trying to say to you, don't be sad! I'm going to break it down to you in 3 simple steps, how I sorted out my "rock bottom" moment.

Tip #1 : Never ever be complacent!

Remember this people, "Complacency kills you slowly."

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Let me relate my story to you. I was in a 5+ years relationship where the 'world' thinks that I am very loved and doted on by my ex-bf who has been cheating behind my back for the last 4 years out of the 5 years we have been together. On top of that, he has not only done this once but twice. The first time I found out was when we were together for 3 years and he had already been cheating behind my back for the last 2 years. When I found out, I forgave him after he knelt down in public and begged me to. In fact, he tattoo-ed my name and IC number all over his body to prove to me how sincere he was.

But babes, remember this : A LIAR IS ALWAYS A LIAR!!!!  A leopard can never change its spots no matter how hard they try, or maybe just maybe, they didn't try hard enough.

In fact, I forgave because I was complacent. I didn't want to try to fall in love again. In fact, throughout the 5 years relationship, the only person I was in love with was myself. I was too busy with my life that I totally ignored his. I was happy when he wasn't around, and more tempermental and easily annoyed when he was. I didn't notice this till I decided enough was enough and the moment he packed up and left my life, I FELT LIKE A HUGE BURDEN HAS BEEN LIFTED OFF ME!!!!!!

If you want to take control of your life or to have the relationship you always dreamed of, you need to make the changes for yourself and actually take action.

Don't be complacent!!! Most people are paralyzed and scared to make a mistake, so they wait and hope that they don't do anything wrong; but YOU my friend, don't be scared! Don't be worried! Look before you leap, yes! But make sure you leap after you have looked!!! Learn to take calculated risk and be courageous enough to take action and work towards what you want!!!!

Tip #2 : Learn to TRY something NEW and embrace it!

You want a 180 degrees change in your life? Then try something new!!!!!!

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Try a new style that you are not normally used to. Quit saying, "It's not my style." So what if it isn't your style, you never know if something suits you not unless you try!!!!!!

And truthfully, I feel that this bohemian style looks pretty cute on me too! =)))

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Try a new cafe! Go out and experience life! If you are adventurous enough, try travelling to an exotic country -- Africa / vietnam, and maybe during this exotic journey, it might trigger something in you that might change you completely!

Or if you are not the type to travel, go to events; open your circle of friends, meet new faces and have tons of fun while you are at it!!!!

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Tip #3 : Learn to take responsibility for your life!

This includes taking responsibility for your words and how you react to other people. You yourself have been hurt by someone's words before therefore you should understand how your words might affect someone else's emotions, take responsibility for it! Speak only positive words so that whatever you say cheers someone up and makes someone's day! If you have nothing good to say, learn to zip your mouth shut!

And YES! I understand that sometimes people can be cruel and ignorant, and I understand that sometimes it might not be entirely your fault but words are twisted so as to make it seem like you are completely in the wrong. But try to understand this: IF you allow the hurtful words to scar you and affect your quality of life, then IT IS YOUR FAULT! Take control and responsibility of how you react to anyone and anything and you'll be so much happier!

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Drew a chalked picture for my shoot but we took responsibility and 
ensured we washed the place with soap and water after!!!!!
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So, this is how I changed my life in 3 simple steps!!! Just by Taking action, trying out something new and by taking responsibility!

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Yap! These three are excellent tips to make a life wonderful. I hope every one should follow these instructions. It is only possible when people have self respect and responsibility. I've learned so many things and enjoyed it much. Thanks
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