"Ganban'yoku (岩盤浴) is Japanese term for a popular form of hot stone spa. Body-sized stones, such as granite, are inserted into the floor and heated. Consumers lie clothed on the stones while their bodies gradually heat up. Ganban'yoku is said to have a detoxification effect, improves the circulatory system and this treatment is good for the skin." ~ cited from Wikipedia


The first question I asked Suli - owner of the anti-oxidant centre over the phone, was:"Would Ganban'yoku help me in losing fats errrr.... I mean weight?"

Suli: "Yes, it would increase your metabolic rate and the best thing is you do not have to undergo strenuous exercises at all. Light simple stretching would do!"

Me smiling happily to myself with a twinkle in my eye, "Would Ganban'yoku help me in my anti-aging regime?"

Suli: "Yes it does! Let me email to you the benefits of Ganban'yoku."

The benefits of the far infrared rays and negative ions from the ganban-yoku therapy include:
•       Anti-aging
•       Reduced cholesterol levels
•       Improved blood circulation
•       Relief of pain and stiffness caused by rheumatism
•       Increased immune resistance
•       Increased metabolic rates and weight loss
•       Anti-aging of cells and overall body
•       Diabetic sufferers** report reduced sugar levels after multiple treatments
•       Cancer patients** report pain relief and improvement of general well being

And needless to say, I was sold for 2 main reasons - losing weight without strenuous exercises and helps in anti-aging!!!!!

So I made my way over to ANTI-OXIDANT located at 1 Thomson Ridge. I joined their HOT YOGA class -- much like your birkram yoga except that at ANTI-OXIDANT even the floor is heated up!!!!! 

7th June 2012 -
"My first time trying Ganban-yoku class at
1 Thomson Ridge Anti-oxidant was THE BOMB!!!!
I can't wait to go again!!!!"
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FWAH!!! Feeling so shiok!!!!! 
The best exercise is the one where you feel one with your body, heart & soul. :))
This round, I went with the hubby!
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25 June 2012 - This round I brought my mummy to http://www.anti-oxidantcentre.com.sg/ 
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Of course, I had to at least go through 3 trials to ensure that I really really enjoyed the treatment and did feel the benefits before I can tell you peeps, right?!

(Excuses for me being super busy with my wedding preparations, I had no time to write about anti-oxidant's awesomeness! lol... *sheepish look*)

To prove that anti-oxidant truly helps me in my anti-aging regime, Suli showed me a couple of eggs and a slice of bread which has been there since Mar 2012. Its been 3 months and the eggs did not rot, there was no smell and no signs of moldiness at all. Which means, the egg has been preserved by the anti-oxidants present in the air at the facility. SO........ IF YOU STAY IN THE LOCATION DAY IN AND DAY OUT, your looks and youth can be preserved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Unlike regular saunas, at ANTI-OXIDANT, the rooms are kept between 39° to 41° C with the humidity at about 30%, providing for a comfortable temperature that is both safe and enjoyable for its clients.

There is also a huge bathing facility and a resting area for you to cool off after the treatment.

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Ganban-yoga and ganban-pilates (HOT YOGA / HOT PILATES) is a combination of gentle yoga or pilates practiced in their Anti-Oxidant rooms and is truly an unique experience. The gentle stretching and basic poses is great for all ages and perfect for beginners like me.

The 1 hour session includes stretching and doing basic yoga or pilates on their heated Anti-Oxidant stone slabs that radiate far infrared rays and negative ions.

Here is a photo of me and the yoga instructor~~
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After the Ganban-yoga / Ganban-pilates, everyone was served a mini glass of enzyme drink freshly made by anti-oxidant. In fact, Suli was educating me on how I can make my own fruit enzyme drink myself at home. **But that is for another post! So stay tuned!**

Photo of the anti-oxidant menu :
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Ok, here are some tips before you go for your first Ganban'yoku session:

1) You do not need to bring a towel, they provide you with towels for showering and even towels for you to clean off your perspiration.

2) You do need to bring a sports bra and extra undies as after the treatment, you would find that your undies would be soaked through.

3) You do not need to be in sports attire as they provide anti-oxidant mini Yukatas for you to wear during the treatment.

4) No shoes are permitted in the treatment area.

5) Do spend the 45 mins in the treatment room totally relaxing yourself and try not to think about anything else. =)

All in all, my hubby has been there with me 2-3 times, he loves it! Ganban'yoku helps sportsmen decrease the build up of lactic acid in the muscles and therefore speeds up recovery. My hubby is a very sporty person and he is always excited when I tell him to join me for my next session at Anti-oxidant.

In fact, here is his review after each session :
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I am sure you guys would enjoy the Ganban'yoku treatment session as much as my family and I did! 

Make your appointment here :
Anti-Oxidant Centre Pte Ltd
1 Thomas Ridge, Singapore 574633
T: +65 6756 0636