Today, I am going to recount a personal incident on my blog because it reminded me that life is about the little moments you spend with people. And I’m not talking about those once in a lifetime moments which one  I totally mean myself of course might have spent endless days and nights obsessing over. I shall admit that I have been A PRISSY BITCH FUSSING OVER THE NEED for wedding to go so perfect that at times I find myself starting to lose self-control and start yelling at people over it.

I guess it's common that many brides-to-be feel that they need to ensure that their wedding day goes smoothly for that one day. And because of my obsession for perfection, it makes everything SOOOO SOOOO stressful for us. Just the other day, while I was slowly morphing into 'Bridezilla' for the 10,000,000th time, I suddenly started to laugh. The hubby was made confused by my sudden outburst of laughter too.

Weddings are celebrations meant for F.U.N so I learnt that to truly enjoy it, I must be willing to laugh it off even when there are mistakes.

I started laughing because I realised that even if something does go wrong on our wedding day, it’s not going to HAUNT us for the rest of our lives.

In fact, the mistakes and cock-ups would be the most memorable part. No one can seriously remember the parts that are so perfect.

Don’t let anyone, including yourself convince you that your wedding is the most important life moment. IT IS NOT! A wedding is the rainbow sprinkles on your ice cream. A wedding is the whipped cream in your frappe. A wedding is the celebration of a new love story. A wedding is not the foundation of a marriage but the party to celebrate the beginning of a new bond.

I truly am saddened that it’s becoming easier and easier for me to forget that life is all about those interpersonal details that make the foundation for an awesome relationship and a blissful marriage. It seems like as the world advances, the adverse effect on all of us is that we are  spending less quality time with the very people we claim to love.

An interpersonal detail is taking time off to visit your grandfather, and having you over for an evening probably means more to him than you’ll ever know it did.

An interpersonal detail is that 5 minutes, you and your sweetheart spent laughing after that silly argument over how much you look like GODZILLA's BFF.
*okok I am totally talking about myself especially when I morph into bridezilla hahahahahahaha =p*

End of lesson 1

After laughing with the hubby, I told him as I looked him in the eye,"I don't want the wedding dinner/ wedding makan session / wedding get together liao, dear! I have always only wanted an ROM then "eloping" for my honeymoon just because I feel it is much more romantic this way. So instead of fussing over something that I don't even want, why don't we just opt for the honeymoon only?!"

Hubby hugged me tightly and whispered into my ear, "Baby, as long as it makes you happy."

***Maybe he totally heaved a sigh of relief after I said that. ahhahahahahhahah =p***

And so, it is decided that I will have my wedding photoshoot and then mini honeymoon this year and our proper honeymoon next year. =)))))

Very very very very happy that we are not holding the wedding dinner, which also means that NO MORE DIETING.... ahhahahahaha *joking*

Anyway, I have shortlisted a few of outdoor shooting loctions which I would like to share with you guys:
1) Bukit Chandu
2) USS (Last I checked, it costs $388 per couple in bridal attire with their photographer.)
3) Shooting onboard a yacht :
4) Siloso Beach
5) Palawan Beach
6) East Coast Park
7) Punggol Beach
8) Changi Boardwalk
9) Woodlands lakefront
10) Lower pierce Reservoir
11) Matilda's House
12) Changi Coast Road
13) Seletar Reservoir
14) Mount Faber
15) Sembawang Park
16) Labrador Park
17) Botanical Gardens
18) Istana Woodnuek at Botanical Gardens
19) Pulau Ubin
20) Zoo
21) Kent Ridge Park
22) Canberra road (row of British Colonial Bungalows)
23) Esplanade
24) Clark Quay
25) Hortpark
26) Gardens by the Bay
27) MBS
28) Singapore Art Museum
29) You can also shoot where you 2 first met!!!!!
30) You can also shoot where you had your first date!!!!

Be creative and at the same time, do have tons of fun while you are at it!!!!!!

Taken with a Canon 5D Mark II
@ the Botanical Gardens when we went on a mini picnic with my little Melody!

Taken with a Sony α (Alpha) 57 DSLR Camera

Sony sent me their Sony α (Alpha) 57 DSLR Camera and I tested it out the other day........
Took a few shots of our rings and BOY! WAS I pleased........ =))))
Hubby's simple ring and my 3.2 carats solitaire~~

LEARN TO ENJOY THE RIDE, okok!!!!! =)))))

In order to prepare for the shoot, I need to also ensure my body is in its tip top condition. Actually, I often suffer from constipation. *sheepish face*

I need the help of laxatives just to go to the toilet, which is actually very bad for the body. And because I do not defecate daily, sometimes, I tend to have outbreaks on my chin area.

I emailed Ryan of because I read about his Herbal Aloe Vera Drink Concentrate and it seems like this might be the product which can help me with my constipation problem.

To be honest, although I was pretty skeptical, the product proved me wrong. TheHerbal Aloe Vera Drink Concentrate  is said to support healthy digestive function by soothing the stomach and alleviating occasional indigestion. It contains anti-oxidants which is supposed to relief occasional indigestion, improve my nutrient absorption and enhance my intestinal health.

The Herbal Aloe Vera Drink Concentrate costs me $67.17 and I drink it daily. It helps me in my elimination although not daily but at least every alternate day!!! (***I KNOW I am very very very horrid because my constipation problem actually is quite bad. I only eliminate every week, sometimes every 2 weeks. *faints* hahahahahaha***)

Another thing for brides-to-be to take note is that, you would have to keep your skin in good condition, and it is impossible to go for facials everyday, so for me, I apply a facial mask everyday at home without fail. Actually, the truth be told, I apply a facial mask everyday without fail at home everyday since 18 years old, just because of my fear of aging. Hahahhahaha..... KIASU AND KIASI!!!!

Here's my facial masking routine if you are interested:

TUESDAY : 24K GOLD MASK (Imported from Korea, please email to me to enquire!)

***Note : At times, I would change my daily masking routine to suit my current skin condition!***

So, time to continue with my preparation for my wedding shoot. AND BOY!!!! Am I glad that there would not be a wedding dinner!!!!!!! HOOORAY!!!!!! =))))

In the meantime........ read these~~