I am going to be ENTIRELY HONEST with you..........

I have gained some weight..... from the 41.5kg I was before I met my hubby to............. AN ATONISHING 58kg.... hahahahahah ok okokok....... I was totally kidding.... to AN ATONISHING!!!!!!!!!! 49kg!!!!!!!!


I have no idea how I did it!!!! WAIT!!! Actually, I do.... The constant pak toring revolved around trying out new restaurants and erm.... *sheepish look* trying more new restaurants. Plus, I stopped going for Zumba classes because well, I was not having that much fun there anymore as the songs were repeatedly the same. 

And because my wedding shoot is just round the corner, I started to panic!!!!!!!! 

AND AND AND................


W: http://www.croyezstudio.com F: www.facebook.com/powerplatesingapore T : 64744133

WOW!!!!!! I read this on their website and also found out that celebs like Claudia Schiffer, Elle Macpherson, KIM Kardashian -- my favourite celeb used the powerplate to keep their awesome figures!!!!! SOOOOO OF COURSE, I had to call Croyez Studio to make an appointment!!!!!

My classes starts next week on 9th July 2012.
Very very very excited!!!!!!!!! *beams*

Since I am a noob, I would be joining their PowerBasic classes first. ****crosses my fingers and hopes that I wouldn't be a klutz in class**** hahahahahaha =p

Anyway, another mini update on my wedding preparations. 

I went for gown fitting sessions with two gown boutiques - www.viviangown.com and Di Gio. (More about vivian later!!!!!) I would be showing you peeps the gowns she designed for me!!!!!!!! Awesome worksmanship, good service and everything can be made to measure!!!!!! Tell me how much LVE I should shower upon this awesome mummy!!!!!!

4/7/2012 - Gown testing at Di Gio with my mummy and my hubby.... and I was like ........... "WHAT?!?!?!?!?!" when my mummy showed me a gown she picked....
wahahahhahahah =ppppp
Good times ~~~~ good times~~~ =)))

photo taken with a Sony Nex f-3

4/7/2012 - After almost 3 hours of gown trying, I got pretty tired and nearly tripped and fell twice.
Hahhahahhahaha.... super comical....
I was lamenting here:"Why the gowns all so heavy and complicated one?"
And the hubby caught me on camera... hahahahahha =p

photo taken with an iphone 4s

Anyway, I have chosen my wedding gowns and am pretty hyped up. I would be designing and hand-making all my wedding accessories from scratch myself. So that'll keep me busy for the next 1-2 weeks.

In the meantime, do share with me funny incidents of your own wedding preparations and any advice you can throw my way!!!!!! I would be super super appreciative!!!!

Hugs and kisses, till the next post~~~

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Dimitri (Cinthia) said...

I'm fat as hell, I might try this power plate thing! I've seen it in one gym near my house so yeah, I'll let you know how it went!

Jacqueline Angelicious said...

lol.... yes please do tell me!!!!!! =))))))

Riverwall 217 said...

Hi babe,

Just to let you know that I can't see all the pictures for the many posts on your blog. Is it because I'm using Mac? or have all the pictures been deleted? Or is it malfunction by Flickr?

Jacqueline Angelicious said...

Hi Riverwall 217, I am also using a mac. I think I need to reconfigure the html of the photos when I have time. =)