I was discussing with my friends over lunch the other day about my dream wedding gown. I told them, I wanted something very simple and princessy, classy and elegant, classic so that in 40 years, my kids would flip through my wedding album and exclaim,"FWAH! Actually, mummy is really trendy at her age." hahahahahah =p

In fact, I wanted something simple so that the focus would be on my face instead. I know la.... I ish the SIBEH HIAO LAY LAY!!!!!!! ***HIAO LAY LAY = singlish for very vain***

But in order for my face to be the focal point...... I had to ensure my skin is in its TIP-TOP condition right?!?!?!?!

Little did I know that the SKII and De la Mer creams I had been using for the last 11 years was a little too rich for my skin, not until Cindy -- the assistant general manager at Adonis Nex told me that my comedones was due to the rich products I used.


"But but but I thought......... such creams is very very good for anti-aging de........" I stammered. hahahahahhaha =p Okok.... 

*cut the drama mode*

Anyway, Cindy introduced me to Adonis' range of moisturiser and sunblock.

Adonis SPF UV 30 Day and night protection aka SUNBLOCK

photo taken with a Sony Nex f-3

I'm getting prettier... thanks to the hubby for making me so happy!!!!!!! =))))

photo taken with a Sony Nex f-3

I have been a long term fan of l'oreal's UV perfect anti-dullness SPF 50 sunblock but after using Adonis' SPF UV 30 sunblock, I was sold.

I can't seem to decide which I like better ~ Adonis' SPF UV 30 sunblock or Enavose Invisible Sunbrella UV Mist SPF45...... SSSSooosoo I alternate between these two products. 

Adonis' SPF UV 30 sunblock is strongly recommended for outdoor protection against environmental extremes. BEST for those who do not want freckles and lao ren ban (old aged spots) 老人斑. 

Adonis' SPF UV 30 sunblock also protects your skin against all spectrums of UV rays and prevents moisture loss. PLEASE NOTE THAT you have to ensure your sunblock protects you against UVA and UVB!!!!! Most sunblocks only blocks out UVB rays. =))))

I am SUPER SUPER PARANOID about getting freckles and old aged spots so I slap on tons and tons of sunblock all the time. 

Hahhahahahhhahaha ***I am very very very very kiasu and kiasi....***

Price of Adonis' SPF UV 30 day and night protection sunblock : SGD$98

Adonis' Hydro Gel cream moisture replenishaka MOISTURISER

photo taken with a Sony Nex f-3

This moisturiser is very light weight which is perfect for oily skin. This cream gel hydrator is formulated with Japan's hot spring oceanic water and coenzyme Q10 which forms dew drops upon application. This effectively supplies and locks in the moisture content into our skin. There is a hint of floral smell in this product and when I asked the Adonis' consultants, I was told that the product contains sakura floral extracts which offers skin whitening benefits to the skin. This moisuriser is quickly absorbed into my skin and allows me to achieve a smooth dewy look even without make-up!!!!!!

9/7/2012: OTW to croyezstudio at Dempsey...
without a trace of make-up!!!!!
Just colored contact lens from MISAKI
& awesome skin credits to Adonis!!!

Price of Adonis' Hydrogel Cream Moisture Replenish : SGD $88

I am now taking Adonis' Koso Nano Collagen capsules instead of my usual Meiji collagen powder, would update you peeps on how effective it is. =))))) 

In the meantime.......
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Anonymous said...


May I check with you, what is the brand of the contct lense in the pic? where to get it? any gd contact lense with big eye effect to share? :)


Jacqueline Angelicious said...

Hi babe, I am wearing MAXI EYES which can be bought from any contact lens shop. =)

You can try MISAKI I love their lens....

Click on banner on the right =)