Just the other day, I was making your own floral water which I use as as a light moisturiser / hair conditioner and light eau de toilette.

So, here's a mini tutorial on how I did it:

Things you need:
Large pot
1 small ceramic bowl
Handful of flowers (For about 500ml of floral water I used 2 white roses + a handful of other white flowers)
1 Larger Glass or ceramic bowl that fits down inside the pot
Mineral Water 1 litre
Pot Lid that is one size larger than the pot you are using


Place the large pot on the stove, place the small ceramic bowl facing downwards inside the pot. For me, I do not have a bowl small enough to fit my pot, so instead I used a corning ware glass lid and turn it over. Arrange the flowers beside the small ceramic bowl / corning ware glass lid. Add mineral water till the flowers are all covered. Place the larger glass or ceramic bowl inside the pot -- this is where the distilled floral water will collect. Put the pot lid that is one size larger than the pot you are using in an upside down manner onto the pot. Place ice cubes on the lid.


Turn the fire on low, gently simmer the mixture on the lowest heat for about 1-3 hours. It depends on how large your pot is. Simmer till the larger glass or ceramic bowl is filled with distilled floral water and & the flower petals at the bottom are not burnt. ( You can choose to add more water at the bottom but this causes the smell to become lighter. ) You might have to refill ice cubes. For me I refilled ice cubes twice.

When I am done, I poured all the floral water in a large glass bowl, and I added about 10 drops of PURE LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL + 4-5 drops of PURE ROSEMARY ESSENTIAL OIL + 10 drops of 100% PURE argan oil into the floral water. I left the mixture alone till it has completely cooled off and then I poured the mixture into a spritzing bottle.

I use this floral water mixture all over my body and hair as a light moisturiser / hair conditioner and light eau de toilette.

BECAUSE this mixture is entirely organic, I spritz it all over my little furkids as well!!!!!!!!! =))))

You can change the flower petals to the types of flowers you prefer eg: lilies / carnations / orchids / sunflower / even orange zest / cinnamon sticks, depending on what type of smell you prefer.

When adding essential oils to your floral water, remember to scoop out a small amount of the floral water and test it with the essential oils you chose before mixing the concoction in bulk! (Just in case you do not like the smell and you are not stuck with a huge amount of it. hahahahha =p)

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Everytime I make my own floral water, I feel very very happy because I can control exactly how I would like it to smell like. In fact, I am a very very big fan of smells and of course I love Aromatheraphy!!!!

"Aromatherapy is a form of alternative medicine that uses volatile plant materials, known as essential oils, and other aromatic compounds for the purpose of altering a person's mood, cognition function, sense of well-being or health." - taken from Wiki

Essential oils enhances our psychological and physical well-being and also promotes inner peace.

But take note, you have to ensure that you purchase 100% pure essential oil and I personally am a big fan of my life store.

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AND AND AND...... I forgot to tell you what I did to the flowers soaked at the bottom...

I would drain all the water because it smells so GOOD and add this to my bubble bath and soak in it. It smells heavenly and has a calming effect. =))) 

I hope you peeps have fun making your own floral water / eau de toilette as well.

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Till the next post,