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Taken with a Casio Exilim ex zr-20

Bits and Trinkets is an online store which sells cute korean accessories.

When viewing their website, it totally reminded of those crazy times I had when I was in Korea (albeit after surgery with my face all wrapped up like an egyptian mummy) and shopping in Myeongdong. Everytime I went to Korea, my basket would be filled with their fashion accessories and by filled I mean overwhelmed. hahahahaha =p

Taken with a Casio Exilim ex zr-20

Anyway, I did a mini interview with the peeps at Bits and Trinkets :

What made you decide to start your own business?
I always had a dream to be an entrepreneur, always wanted to start my own business. Back in polytechnic, I was into retail management and that is a valuable skill set. Together with my entrepreneurial dream, I thought it is now a good time to give it a try. I was lucky with early customers who continue to be loyal throughout. Luck, timing and hard work is involved to get the business going ;)

How did you decide on jewellery?
The idea orignally occurred to me when I noticed that pretty accessories from big companies are a must-get for the teenagers/young working adults in the current day. I start wondering if similar pretty products can be bought at a more attractive price. So I thought, "Why not offer awesome accessories at great prices?".

In what ways do you promote your business? Facebook, Twitter, instagram, print media?
Currently, as a young start-up, we only sell products through our website. We are in the progress of designing advertisements to promote our products and hope that exisitng customers will pass the good word on and create awareness about us :)

What skills did you already have when you started your business and what did you have to learn?
Having chosen retail management as my specialisation in polytechnic, I've gained some experience and knowledge through projects and presentations. After starting BitsandTrinkets, I realise that networking is very important and there are much more to learn!

AND the kind babes at Bits and Trinkets has given to me 10 sets of items to give to you peeps~~~~

Email to me at jacquelineangelicious@gmail.com and tell me your favourite piece from Bits and Trinkets' website and I would choose 10 winners!!!!!!!!!

DEADLINE : 25th JULY 2012