I read this article "30 Things Every Woman Should Have and Should Know by the Time She's 30." when I was about 20 years old. And I wrote my list then. Now that I am 30 this year, I took out my old list and took a peek to see if I had completed it! =)))

Here's mine :
By 30, I must have/had ...

✓ 1. stayed in one country for longer than a year.

✓ 2. purchased my own condo.

✓ 3. purchased my own car.

✓ 4. travelled overseas alone and ENJOYED IT!

✓ 5. a dress I liked so much, I kept it even though it no longer fits.

✓ 6. a "once upon a time" tale I would love to share with my kids in future.

✓ 7. dappled in stocks and shares.

✓ 8. met that one person in the world who always makes me laugh.

✓ 9. met that one person who sees me cry and all he wants to do is hug me tightly in his arms and rock me like a little baby.

✓ 10. a favourite set of black laced undies that I swear by.

✓ 11. a set of principles and values I live by.

✓ ✓ ✓  12. a skin care regime to maintain my youth!

✓ 13. understood the importance of self love.

✓ 14. done something so crazy and fun that I'll remember for life!!!

✓ 15. gone through enough to know who I am inside out.

✓ 16. the experience to know the right products to use to make myself youthful -- like the right contact lens / the right hairstyling tools / the right supplements!

Contact lens by Misaki

Taken with a Sony α (Alpha) 57 DSLR Camera

By 30, I should know ... 

✓ 17. how to be in control of my emotions.

✓ 18. how to live alone.

✓ 19. how to break up with a man and remain friends.

✓ 20. how to stand up for myself.

✓ 21. how to fall in love without foregoing my personality.

✓ 22. how to say 'NO!!'

✓ 23. who to look for when I need a cuddle.

✓ 24. what to do when I feel sooooo affected, the world might seem it is crushing me with its weight.

✓ 25. if I want to have kids.

✓ 26. that words from strangers need not be taken personally.

✓ 27. that I do not need to please everyone.

✓ 28. that the world does not revolve around me.

✓ 29. how to plan my finances.

✓ 30. that I am loved!

Contact lens by Misaki
Hairstyling done by myself.
Beautiful hair color by 313 SHUNJI MATSUO!
Picnic with the family and little melody!

Taken with a Sony α (Alpha) 57 DSLR Camera

And now that I am 30, I truly feel that my awesome life has only just begun!!!!!! =))))

Accomplished everything I set out for myself at 20 years old. Now to start writing : 40 things I wanted to accomplish at 40! lol.... =))))

Till the next post!!!!!



Eileen Ang said...

You are very brave! Many women fear the number 30, but you faced it with wit, and courage. Yes, life starts at all ages, and gets even better at 30!

Jacqueline Angelicious said...

Thank you babe!!!!!! =))))))) Don't like also bo pian la.... lolol..,, so best is to take things easy and view everything as another FUN THING to experience. =)))

Hugs and kisses and thanks for reading my blog! =)