Yes! Gone through the ROM...... and Now what?????

I am preparing for my wedding dinner and I have so many ideas that I want to incorporate into the dinner plus preparation work to do.

List of things to do :

- Bi-weekly Facials (easy peasy with ADONIS&..... IT's a piece of cake!)

- Co2 Laser sessions every month from now till 1 week before the wedding. (With Tcs clinic, everything is within my control.)

- Wedding dress ( I don't want to wear the usual fluffy huge ballroom type of wedding dress leh. When I said that, my mummy immediately frowned. =p I want something I can re-wear next time like a classy maxi dress made out of the softest silk chiffon. Maybe I would just design something from scratch.... )

- Pre-wedding photography ( Thanks FOUND my sponsor!!! =))) )

- Honeymoon ( Hubby will be planning this, I think. Lol.... feel so loved and well taken care of by my husband. Hubby would be our tour guide for our free and easy tour around eastern europe + scandinavian countries + greece + Italy + spain + Paris + prague.... faints... I wonder how huge my luggage is going to be!!!!! =p )

- Location of wedding dinner ( This one is giving me a headache as well...... IF YOU ARE A SPONSOR PLEASE EMAIL TO ME : )

- Wedding favors ( I want personalised M & Ms!!!!!! Anyone has any idea where I can order these? I tried the US website and they do not ship to singapore. *sad face* )

- Table centrepieces ( I want to do this myself leh.... seems fun!!!!!! =D)
Thought of having a mini candy buffet as the centrepieces. Quirky & fun!!!!

- Wedding theme ( I want vintage with a tad of classy and a pinch of sultry. )

So to kick start my wedding preparations, I started from the top of my list.


And, as mentioned, I AM SUPER SUPER paranoid about aging. Just last week, I visited Adonis Nex for a facial. I have been with Bella Skincare for the last 10 years, OMG!!!!! I didn't realise it has been that long.

During my consultation with Cindy, she told me that my skin was very supple but dry on the surface while being oily beneath.  (By the way, Cindy is a SUPER PRETTY mummy!!!!!! I really wish I would look half as awesome after I give birth to my first child. *winks*)

Me : "????????? So is my skin dry or oily?"

Cindy : "A bit of both."

Me : ヽ(○ )┌

Photos taken with a Casio exilim ex zr-20

Adonis was so precise, they even took my blood to test. *shocked*

I was told that my blood was sticky, had insufficient oxygen in my blood stream and that I did not drink sufficient water. -_-|||||

*why did they know my body inside out??!?!?!??!*

This totally shows how professional Adonis is.

Photos taken with a Casio exilim ex zr-20

I was then ushered into the room and told that I would be given their customised gorgeous facial - rf treatment + extraction + cleansing + facial peeling + massage + ocean range of products + anti-aging collagen mask + an enzyme drink after everything.

FWAH!!!!!!! Like a shiok only!!! =))))

Photos taken with a Casio exilim ex zr-20

Photos taken with a Casio exilim ex zr-20

After the facial!!!!!!

WITH ONLY sunblock, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, clear lip gloss and mascara!!!!!!!!




Photos taken with a Casio exilim ex zr-20

And for you ladies who are interested to sign up with Adonis, their membership cards consists of SGD$500 value, SGD$2000, SGD$4000 and SGD$6000. All of which, you can use to redeem any of their treatments..... INCLUSIVE OF MANI / PEDI / SPA/ HAIR TREATMENTS!!!!!!!!

To top it off..... Adonis has given me 10 sets of TRIAL SIZE PEELING GELS to give away!!!!!

Simply email to : with a screenshot of you liking Adonis' facebook page!!!! GOGOGO like now!!!!

Photos taken with a Casio exilim ex zr-20

Adonis~~~~~~ 爱美啊!!!


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