My dearest dearest old old old friend,

I remember the days when I rushed to the hospital and found you sitting up and breathing uncomfortably, suffering with pain and the doctors told us that there was nothing they could do anymore. My heart broke a little as the days passed, the delicate veins and cells of your body were disintegrating. Cancer had metastasized rapidly, everyday, I watched you age, I watched your body waste away. I sat by your bedside for hours and held your hand, telling you funny anecdotes, and randomly telling you that I loved you - very much hoping that you understood what I said. In my heart, I knew you were already almost gone.

I am glad that I often thanked you for giving me the best gift of all, your blessings. You do not know how much that meant to me. You were such a warrior, I wished I could be more like you. Your life was such a hard one, and yet you smiled and carried through your promises. Even at your last breath, you held onto your faith in love, your believe in courage and your hope in bringing about peace in the family. I held your hand as the nurses removed the ECG, and stroked your forlorn face as your pulse diminished to a halt. I wished there was more I can do. Tears overwhelmed me and I can only imagine, hope and pray that now you are sitting on those soft cirrus clouds and singing songs of praise. I know HE had welcomed you with the brightest glory of HIS love. I am sure HE embraced your soul with HIS everlasting peace. When you first gazed upon HIS FACE, I believe you heard HIM say, "WELL DONE, my good faithful servant. You have fought a good fight! You have ran a good race!"

Please know that I love you so much and you would be greatly missed.

RIP, my beloved old old old friend.

A song dedicated to you :
"You loved me,
When I was so unlovely,
You sought me
When I was lost;
You showed me
How much You really loved me,
When You bought me
At the highest cost There’s no greater love than this,
There’s no greater love than this,
That a man would give his life for a friend;
There’s no higher sacrifice
Than a man would give his life,
You have paid
A precious price for me."

After the clouds, the sunshine; after the winter, the spring; after the shower, the rainbow; for life is a changeable thing. After the night, the morning, bidding all darkness cease, after life's cares and sorrows, the comfort and sweetness of peace.


kevin ong said...

so is it time to meet up with me again? :)

Jacqueline Angelicious said...

LOL.... wah kevin!!!!!!!!!! If I get cancer, I would choose to let it be without wanting to fight on. =)))

Truthfully from the bottom of my heart. =))))

The world has become too complex; too hyper-connected; too little emotions invested in each individual relationship to watch it grow and prosper; too selfish and self-centered; too unethical; too confused; too corrupted.

And life has become too intense and too gloomy.

=) I do not need to provide for my loved ones after I pass on, because they should take care of themselves.

I do not need to buy insurance because should anything happen, I am more than ready to go. I am not suicidal by the way hahahahaha. I have simply finally understood that life is more than being here on earth. =))) Hugs! =)

kevin ong said...

It's definitely your decision choose whether or not to buy insurance. :)
Well, if you do have people whom you think they can benefit from my advice, do recommend them to me. :)

Cheers and Congrats again! :D