The awesome peeps behind FREAKY FLEECE sent me the cutest handmade cushions and and and........

BEST OF ALL!!!!!!!!!!

I get to giveaway 3 pieces to you guys!!!!!!

Little note from the peeps at  FREAKY FLEECE:
“Now your favorite piece of furniture can sport some action hero awesomeness with the “Action Hero” moustache pillow. It may not be able to throw you over its shoulder while fighting a gang of armed ruffians, but every time you look at it, you’ll know it would if it could.”

All you need to do is : 

1) Link us up by copying and pasting these 2 links on your blog =)) :

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<div style="text-align: center;">
<a href=""><img src="" /></a></div>
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2) Email to me at : with your blog address.

3) I would choose 3 winners.

Deadline : 20th June 2012
12 midnight

********* Postage would be paid by the winners. Registered postage at $7 and normal postage at $2.


Photos taken with a CASIO EXILIM EX ZR-20