Since the dawn of time, women have been devoting time to beauty rituals to ensure that they remain beautiful. 

And here are my "OMG!!!! TELL ME YOUR SECRET" beauty rituals. 


Beauty Ritual #1 

Many times I realise that my complexion is not at its peak especially when I have an important date *cough with the then boyfriend, now hubby cough*. And I desperately want to look well rested despite not getting a good night's sleep at all. All I had to do is to  cleanse my face, mix 2 drops of 100% pure argan oil with rose water and a teaspoon of chinese authentic pearl powder (珍珠粉).

The pearl powder can be purchased from any chinese medical store. Usually I buy about $20 worth and keep it in my fridge. When called upon, I will whip it out and put it to good use. 

100% pure argan oil can be purchased here : 

Glowii's Gulsha Rose water can be purchased here :

Rinse off after 15mins. You would see that your skin is GLOWY, smooth and luminous!!!!!

That is how a 30 year old like me nabbed my hubby. hahahhahaha okok I was kidding... NO really!! =p

Beauty Ritual #2

As much as possible I try to totally avoid the sun to maintain my fairness. At times, when I feel that my arms and legs are becoming tanner, this is what I would do!!!!

Shhhhhhhh..... this is my personal body whitening secret ok!!!!!!!

Ingredients needed : 

1) 3-4 Kaffir Limes

2) Natural handmade soap
Get yours from :
My personal fave is their WHITE CHAMPAKA handmade soap! :) 

3) A good body scrub
Another personal fave of mine : 
Glowii's bath & bloom Lemongrass mint body cream scrub

Cut the kaffir lime into slices.  

Now I am going to teach you peeps the HOT & COLD THERAPY for glowing skin! 

Next, in your shower, get competely wet with cold water - as cold as possible!!!! Slowly increase the temperature of the shower up to a point where you feel like you are on fire!!! Slowly, change the temperature of the water to the coldest setting again. Repeat this process about 5-8 times.  

After you are done, switch the shower off. Use the body cream scrub or any other body scrub to exfoliate your skin, this gets rid of dead skin to make your skin look fairer. Rinse off after you are done.

Next, use the slices of kaffir lime and rub all over your body. Kaffir lime is a natural bleaching agent, it removes tan and makes your skin fairer and brighter.

Once you are done, use the natural soap to soap up your body, this removes any traces of kaffir lime pulp which might stick to your skin.

**** I actually use a bleaching mask all over my body after rinsing off the soap, this allows my skin to be at its fairest state possible***

Lastly, rinse through with cold water followed by hot water. 

I do this about once a week. 

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Beth said...

When did you get married? Congratulations. :D

Jacqueline Angelicious said...

Hi Beth,
I ROMed on 1.6.2012. =))) But we would be doing the actual celebrations later. =)