My mum and dad are divorced. And I blamed my dad for it. In the past, the good cop was played by my mum and the bad cop by my dad. However, after his departure, only the bad cop role remained, and that was played by my mum.

Burdened with the responsibility to take care of the family single handedly, she became less patient and irritable. Every time she started to rant at me, I just wanted to shut her out of my world. I could take it no longer and confronted her finally one day, "Do you really hate me that much mummy? If so, why did you give birth to me in the first place?"

I remember her facial expressions so clearly, it was as though it just happened an hour ago but this incident happened about 14 years ago. My mum did not respond at all, but the painful look in her eyes haunted me. I was so full of anger that I became oblivious to her feelings at that point of time.

I stomped out of the house and accidentally bumped into a stranger. I immediately said, "I'm sorry. Are you ok? I did not watch my way and ran into you." We were both very polite, this stranger and I. And we went on our way bidding each other good bye.

I sat down alone and cried angry tears. The same stranger walked up to me, and said,"Imagine what your home would be like if you treated your family members whom you love as politely and kindly as you would treat a stranger."

She gave me a smile and a packet of tissue paper and walked away while I sat on the swing deep in thought.

Each time my mum tried to show concern, I would dismiss her with a frown, "Not your business."

Each time, she walked away, her heart broke a little. I didn't realize how harshly I'd spoken.

One night, while I lay awake in bed, the stranger's words floated into my mind again. I thought, "While dealing with a stranger, I would react with common courtesy, but the mother whom I claim to love, I seem to abuse."

I went to her room full of remorse and there I found her folding my clothes for me. She looked up as I walked in and sat beside her. We were silent for a moment and I asked her, "If you had your life to live over again, how would you want it to be any different?"

She held my hand and said," I think I would want to be a better mother to you."

I immediately said, "Mummy, I'm very sorry for the way I acted that day; I shouldn't have yelled at you that way."

She smiled and said, "It's ok, I love you anyway."

And because of our mother's love, we are able to become who we are today.

If you truly love your mother, spend some time with her this mother's day. Do something sweet for her and show her your appreciation by buying her a gift; or helping her with her chores; or sitting and listening to her stories; or hold her hand and watch a movie together; or better yet, cook a sumptuous meal for her and remember to tell her,"Thank you mum. I love you!"

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I hope my story touched your hearts, and with more mutual respect given to our family members, our problems at home will be noticeably reduced.

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