I am contented, therefore I am happy most of the time.

My happiness does not derive from doing what others expect of me. You can shake your head and think what you want. It doesn't and shouldn't matter to me. I do things my way and you do it your way. I am not living in this world to live up to your expectations of me. Neither are you here to live up to mine.   

Think about how much stress, anger, sadness, bitterness, discouragement, unfulfillment, dissatisfaction, resentment, disappointment comes from people not meeting our expectations?

When things do not go our way or turn out different from what we expected, we start feeling discontented. And discontentment at its worse turns from anger to self-pity and depression. BUT we have to understand that sometimes, we have to let go. 

Things that we are not in control of, we should toss these expectations out the window. 
Things that we can control like - how we react, our mood swings, our body language, our own actions, what we say and how we communicate our feelings  etc etc, we should keep these in check.

BUT if nothing can be done, WHY SHOULD WE FRET needlessly?

When we stop building these expectations of how other people should be like, we start becoming happier.


That’s not to say I do not take any actions or do not feel hurt when something goes wrong. I simply chose to act in the manner that is in accordance to my values BUT I would not have an expectation of how others perceives my intentions nor care how they react to my actions - as long as I know I have tried my best and my intentions were good. And wherever possible, I would improve myself by adding in "advice" from the family. That being said........ sometimes its harder to control my reactions, but I do not beat myself up because of it.

For now, I am trying to do the right things and expecting nothing beyond that.

Whenever, I start complaining or have negative thoughts, I would chant under my breath,"SLAP YOURSELF!!! STOP IT STOP IT!!!!! Be positive! Be positive!"  

hahahahaha.... That said.....

In order to be positive, we should always allow ourselves some FUN TIMES.

Times to go crazy and party like a rockstar.
Times to pamper ourselves.
Times to laugh like the wicked witch and rub your hands gleefully. *I am always doing this when I am mischievous.*
Times to knock yourself out on the sofa without worrying that it'll get dirty.
Times to laugh at yourself.

And so....

Fun times PHOTOS AHEAD........

 Nails by http://www.facebook.com/SimplicityNails 
Follow her on twitter at : @triinaa

Nails by http://www.facebook.com/SimplicityNails
Follow her on twitter at : @triinaa

Awesome colored hair by
313 SHUNJI MATSUO : http://www.facebook.com/HairSalon313

Hair styled by Myself....

If you don't already know why my hair is soooo sooo soft and silky looking,
read this : Gratitude

Turf City

3 May 2012 - Santouka Hokkaido Ramen + Cold Stone Creamery + 313 SHUNJI MATSUO

And when all else fails.......


wahahahhahaha =)

Remember that : Happiness does not come from others' actions.
True happiness comes derives from a deep sense of understanding yourself and embracing the real relationships that bring out the WORSE and BEST in you and memories that make you smile and laugh and cry for reasons no one else understands but you!

Trust me on this one!!! *winkx*