One of the causes of stress in our lives is anger. For me, this is also one of my personal obstacles to overcome, what you would call -- My Cross to Bear. I recognise that when I am unable to control my anger, it turns into a vicious cycle.

JAC ANGRY => hinders my ability to be happy.

JAC ANGRY => affects relationships and causes rifts.

JAC ANGRY => compromises my ability to react with common sense.

JAC ANGRY => increases stress which in turn increases anger.

JAC ANGRY => bad decisions are made because my brain is clouded with fire, it is hard to process any information or explanation given to me.

Therefore, I have come up with a list of ways to develop my ANGER MANAGEMENT SKILLS!!!!


TIP #1
If I am at home and the object of my anger is not around, I will do a MONKEY DANCE like this :

For me, this monkey dance relieves any tension caused by my anger and also makes me laugh. And once I start laughing, it is pretty hard to get me to stop. WAhahahahahah  =p

TIP #2
I would try to remember why I love that person who made me angry.
I would take a peek at my "FUNNY ALBUM" and start laughing my head off.
Remembering why I love the object of my anger usually softens my heart, unless if it was something so SEVERE then I would take it up a notch to TIP #3.

TIP #3
I would start imagining myself doing the same thing. Once I start admitting to myself that yup, sometimes I f**k up too, I start asking myself :"Would I get angry at myself? Did that *tortoise* do this to me on purpose?"

*tortoise* - I am allowed to give the object of my anger silly names so as to lighten my own mood. ahhahahahahaha =)))

In many cases, I am able to conclude that they were just callous or in a rush, and really did not mean me any harm.

TIP #4
I would tell myself repeatedly, "Anger causes wrinkles and premature aging."
After a couple of chants, I would start preparing a "PAMPER myself session" and say out loud, "I can be angry but I cannot be ugly."

ahhahahahahaha Ya la ya la... I know I am an obsessive compulsive beauty addict!

The best treatment I can do for myself is a mini home spa session.

Here's one of the treatments I use for myself:

1) Steam my face over a bowl of hot water.
2) Gently scrub my face with the Clarisonic Brush.
3) Apply Jurlique's Fruit Enzyme Exfloliator. It is a very gentle fruit peel which gives me a brighter and smoother complexion after every use!
4) Wash off Jurlique's Fruit Enzyme Exfoliator after 5 mins and apply Jurlique's Intense recovery Mask. It is a green clay based treatment mask with lots of antioxidants which removes skin impurities and minimises the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. I leave this on for 10 mins and wash off.


And why was I angry earlier??? Opps... I seriously can't remember, all I know is my skin looks fantastic! *winks*

TIP #5
I would start to LUCID DREAM. I would close my eyes and think of something I would like to do that would immediately make me very happy. And that would be my stress-free oasis for the next 30 minutes.

I used to always vent my anger and maybe a few swings of my fist.

*re-enacts the hadouken echo*


But truth be told, I have learnt my lesson that by venting my anger, it only increases the anger of the other parties involved and it also creates more pain and more bitterness. Hmmmm... come to think of it, whenever I react in anger, I get angry words in return. When I react with kindness, I get a mellow reply in return. When I react with patience, I receive a calmer reply.

If you have any ANGER MANAGEMENT TIPS, do share yours with me. And the 2 best ones would receive 1 full sized JURLIQUE ARNICA CREAM 40ml or 1 full sized CALENDULA CREAM 40ml from me ABSOLUTELY FREE!!!!!

Just email to me at : with your anger management tips
Closing date: 31st May 2012
***Postage would be borne by the winners.
***Note that : I would choose one singaporean winner and 1 winner from OVERSEAS!!!!


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Tina said...

"I can be angry, but I cannot be ugly" LOLOL!!