Her touch, her breathing, her gentle yet firm kneading can do more than medicine or any other remedy.

No no, don't get me wrong!

I am talking about :

That pat on the back, the gentle caressing of one's hair, holding one's hand or even the gentle squeezing of one's arm -- these daily, incidental gestures that we usually take for granted. Regardless of the adjectives we assign to it (pampering, rejuvenating, therapeutic) or the reasons we seek it out (a luxurious treat, stress relief, pain management), massage therapy can be a powerful ally in your healthcare regimen.

Let me introduce you people to ....

I sat in the reception waiting for my turn to experience that touch. Having heard of 'Healing Hands' at Upper Thomson road, I wanted that "healing" experience for my tired aching back.

I laid there like as my masseuse's hands carefully massaged my body, the soothing words poured forth from her mouth: "Is this pressure ok for you? How do you feel?"

As she massaged me, she touched my hand and asked if I was married, I unknowingly told her my story.

I told her that I had just broken up with my ex bf of 6 years and handed over my entire share of the business to him without any reparations taken from his side. AND it was at this very moment in my life, AN IDEA came to my mind. An idea I would like to call: "TOUCH."

Whatever is happening around you, whatever the heck is happening, all I need to do is place both my hands on my heart and say, "This is the time for me to touch another person's life just by living out my own life story. This story would be the BEST ADVENTURE STORY I can tell my kids and my grand kids."

It may look like the world is crashing down upon me, but I am going to live this story as though it is a chance of a lifetime, an AWESOME opportunity and a life-changing challenge.

Her well-executed effleurage techniques didn’t stop as the touch of her hand touched my heart.
I kept talking, while she kept massaging.

I told her that when I brought love to that stressful moment and avoided all discouragement, and in this love, I found renewed strength. I felt that I can survive all stress and overcome all difficulties just by being positive! This is when the spontaneity of my own nature is able to go with the flow.

I believe that one day down the road, when I am looking back at my own life, I would be able to see that the FML moments which seemed to be great failures followed by wreckage were the REAL instances that shaped my life and molded my heart.

I told her as I reached out to give her a 'thumbs up signal', "Nothing can happen to me because I am very positive and I embrace the challenges given. Even though it looks and feels like at that very moment the world is crashing down, like a negative crisis will make me fall and hit the ground, but I know that it is not TRUE. I know that I can turn it all around just by being positive!"

As she used her body to help perform petrissage strokes on my limbs, her movements were slow and rhythmical. I started to feel sleepy as I whispered to her. "If I never gave up that 6 years relationship and my business, I would never have met my current boyfriend. The moral of my story is to always open your hearts, take that leap, take opportunities presented to you, walk through that open door with a heart full of hope and courage and never ever be afraid of getting hurt. Because such falls or stumbles will help shape your life and guide you to your destiny. Best of all, all trials and tribulations can only make you stronger. Life isn’t about being in a bubble. Life is about popping that bubble and making the most out of it."

At the end of the 1.5hours treatment, I got up and praised my therapist's massage.

“You are awesome, babe! Thank you for the massage."

“No,” she replied, “Thank you for letting me 'heal' your body and thank you most of all for 'healing' me of my pain. The pain in my heart went away when you generously shared your story.”

I felt that warmth in my heart as I flashed her a BIG BIG SMILE and a cheeky wink.

You never know whose heart you'll touch just with that word of encouragement and that pat on the back. Our sense of touch connects deeply with how we feel. When we feel our skin being stroked, we feel very loved. When we run our fingers through our hair, we feel less stressed. When we receive that pat on the back, we feel encouraged.

It is important to share our love by spreading optimism through the power of touch! Let your loved ones know that if they work hard, give it time, and don't give up, things will always get better. Sometimes their dreams are just a little further upstream, AND all they need is the courage to push beyond that rapid river.

Encourage your loved ones by getting them a massage at "Healing touch" where not only your aches and pains are healed. =))

I'm sure you'll enjoy your session as much as I did.

In fact, I went to my mum's and offered to massage her hands for her. I wanted her to know that she is very loved by me.

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