A few weeks ago, I decided to start a self-imposed "Be Grateful" programme. I felt that I had received so much and the least I could do was to be grateful to everyone and everything around me.

In fact, the first word I would want to teach my child is, "Thank You!"

By being grateful, I started to learn to recognize and show appreciation for the blessings I received each and everyday. I started realising when I count my blessings, I am indeed a very very very fortunate person.

SO my journey begins....

I decided that I would do a 3 day "BE GRATEFUL" programme.

DAY 1 :

Once I woke up, I laid on my bed and put both hands over my heart, closed my eyes and said aloud, "I AM GOING TO CULTIVATE a more grateful heart and get rid of any ungratefulness."

And then I jump out of bed and screamed, "FWAH!!!!! Got air-con so shiok one!" My dogs nearly got a heart ATTACK when I did that... wahahahhaha....

One step closer to becoming a truly thankful person!!!

I started writing down 10 things I am grateful for :

  • ♥ I am grateful for always being able to make my own choices without fear.
  • ♥ I am grateful for being able to drive myself around for the last 10 or more years.
  •  I am grateful for always knowing when to F**KCARE. I enjoy being able to turn my back and walk away from things that make me upset and even more grateful for having the guts to do so.
  • ♥ I am grateful for the most humourous mum, most protective brother and loving sister in the world.
  • ♥ I am grateful for having the MOST AWESOME bf in the world, who is plagued by my "sst ttsn ggph" antics.     (sorry not gonna reveal what that meant! ahahahha =p)
  • ♥ I am grateful for having a wonderful maid to help me take care of my furkids.
  • ♥ I am grateful for having the hugs and licks given to me by my furkids.
  • ♥ I am grateful for always being able to laugh even when the going gets tough. No matter what happens, I can always make a joke out of it. I love that I have such a happy-go-lucky personality and that I can smile and laugh while trekking through difficulties and always always seeing the brighter side of things.
  • ♥ I am grateful for the inventors of CAKES , chocolate and all things OISHII.... YOU make my life a living HELL but my taste buds thank you for your invention!
  • ♥ I am eternally grateful to the inventor of AIR-CONDITIONING!!!!!!! OMG!!! I do not know how to live my life without you! hahahahaha =p

DAY 2 :

I decided that since I am grateful for being me, I should validate others.

This was inspired by the following video :

It truly felt AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE to be a validator to others.

DAY 3 :

I decided to spend 8 hours in a solitude retreat so that I can reorganise my thoughts, reorient my heart and recapture my passions that had slowly evaporated in the heat of living my life.

After 2 hours, I began to whip out papers and pen and started to write thank you letters to each and every person who has touched my life deeply, stating in details the gifts I had received from that person and listing the way they had been invaluable to me.

This day made me feel so light hearted, its like purging everything out of my system.

Oh you mean what happened to the letters? Some I converted them to emails and sent them out. Others, I smsed excerpts from these letters to those I have direct contact with.

This was truly a day of forgiveness + gratitude.

At the end of three days, all my human relationship bonds were knitted tighter than ever.

Many of us are dissatisfied with our lives even though we have everything -- a loving partner, a stable job, filal kids etc. We feel discontented in our relationships or even unfulfilled in our material acquistions. But we do not know why we are feeling so frustrated nor do most of us know what we want in life. The only way we can find true happiness in our lives is when we start being grateful for what we already have.

Living your life in a more meaningful and rewarding way takes MORE COURAGE and strength than being a whiner.

And for me, I am going to take baby steps to ensure that I would always show my appreciation and gratitude where it is due.

Till the next post (would be blogging about my bali trip),

P/s :
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I am using argan oil on my precious tresses. 

In fact, I have become pretty obsessed and even added argan oil to my shampoo and conditioner and body wash. Wahahahahhaha..... =))) 

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Tina said...

Good outlook! I love you in the last picture of your post with your head turned! So pretty! In the last picture when it talks about noticing nature... You look like you're playing with your phone LOL!!

Jacqueline Angelicious said...

HI tina,

My sister was walking with my bf and she was playing with the hp. =))))))