Now that I have caught your attention.....

I am about to talk about a topic that might cause some of you to nod in agreement and others to want to throw eggs my way. (EH PLEASE don't really throw eggs when you see me face to face ah!!!! I'm totally joking.)

No matter how much we humans deny 'it' outwardly, and protest against 'it' when with peers or pretend that 'it' doesn't affect us at all; it is a known fact that all humans judge one another on how each other looks.

Subconsciously, that initial first reaction would always pop into our minds even if we do not voice it out.  Don't deny it!!

I can't be the only one who gets these random thoughts :
"WOW! I love her hair!"
"FWAH!!! SO chio!! *drools*" (Why??? Females cannot oogle at other females? ahahahahha =p )
"OMG!!! I wish I was as curvy as her."

I need to confess that as much as I try not to, I am inclined to prefer something that appears more beautiful to me.

Normally, the convo in my head during the 1st 10 mins of being introduced to someone new goes like this:

Inner voice 1 : "FWAH!!! My friend's new colleague is soooo slim!!! Okok, plus 1 point for her."

Inner voice 2 : "OKOK!! Quickly ask her for her 练功秘诀!!!"


It is only after the initial first reaction, then I get attracted to that person's personality. That said, the 1st 10 mins is essential because no matter how much one insists that looks doesn't matter, one is DEFINTELY lying to oneself or one is blind.

HOWEVER, we should not automatically dismiss anyone based on how they look like. For me, I would minus 1 point if their looks were not what conjured it up to be. BUT I would still be friendly. Just because they don't fit the mold of what I think they should look like doesn't mean that I would not invest the time to get to know them and let them know me. 

And to ensure that I present the BEST inital impression, I try to stay slim with as little exercise as possible. (Yala yala, I am very lazy.)

So, for the longest time, I have been wishing to find the secret to eating without gaining weight. (Which might be impossible.....)

But now, science has advanced so much that you can even lose weight just by FREEZING THOSE *DAMN* FATS!!



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"It’s not about what you lose. It’s what you gain. So say goodbye to stubborn fat. And say hello to the body you once had with our clinically proven, FDA-cleared, totally non-surgical treatment without the downtime." - I took this from the website : ZELTIQ

I brought my mum to Dr David Loh's clinic 2 weeks ago because she has been complaining about her weight.  I wanted to see if ZELTIQ works on her.

( Actually, I wanted her to be the guinea pig la... shhhhh.... wahahhahahaha 挖哈哈哈哈哈~~ *bouts of evil laughter*)

I consulted with Dr David at his clinic as I wanted to undergo the same treatment as well BUT he told me that I needed to have sufficient amount of fats to undergo Zeltiq.

I replied confidently: "CONFIRM have sufficient amount of fats!" 

Turns out.... I do not have enough fats to undergo Zeltiq at all. 
***Note : You need to have at least 2 inches of fat.

My mum however was a good candidate for this procedure. =))

Treatment room at Dr David Loh's clinic

Ok a mini vid of the entire procedure :

Zeltiq is different from the other fat reduction procedures as there is absolutely no downtime. Zeltiq takes only 1 hour of your time and you are supposed to see a noticable difference.

However, do note that it may take a few months to fully see the end results because it takes your body a few months to naturally dispose of the frozen fats.  A good doctor would recommend you the number of sessions to achieve the body you want.


My mum has a pretty low threshold for pain. To her the inital 5 mins, she felt like her "fats" were being pinched and clamped. Afterwhich, it wasn't painful for her at all. On the scale of 1-10, this treatment gets a 1/10 for the amount of pain she received.

The Results :
My mum checked her weight every other week and each time, her weight decreased alittle since 14th March 2012 when the procedure was administered. Her clothes are starting to feel loose.

I can imagine how it would be a few months later when her body disposes of all the frozen fat!!!

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