Have you guys tried this website?


I tried to bid for the Canon 550D two days ago...... but I lost because I went out for dinner without setting up my bid buddy. (´Д`。)

Then I tried to bid for a Mont Blanc pen and this time I added the bid buddy BUT...... I still lost.

A mini video on how it works....

You can either use your personal facebook page to login. 
OR you can set up an account at www.sgbidding.com itself.

All you need to do is be VERY VERY VERY patient and think before you bid as all bids cannot be withdrawn.

Once the auction is over, and IF you are the winner, SGbidding will send you an email with instructions on payment.

Have you guys used this website before? Was it successful? What else would you like to bid for on this website?

Website - http://www.sgbidding.com/
Twitter - www.twitter.com/sgbidding
Have fun Bidding !!!  (“⌒∇⌒”)