Tina said...

I love how "don't give a f*" you are! You share everything and without even worrying about any criticism! I was influenced by you and recorded myself singing too which is SOO unlike me just cause I wanted to feel "free" too lol Keep posting babe! Looking forward to reading :)

Jacqueline said...

lol... Hug hug... Don't be affected by anyone's words afterall... you must BELIEVE that you are awesome and because you are SO AWESOME, you do not have time to listen other people's criticisms. =)

My personal mantra on *HOW NOT TO GIVE A F* :

If you are FOR ME, thank you!!!!!! hugs and kisses for you!

If you are AGAINST ME, thank you!!! I hope you'll do better than me! =))))

There is nothing that can cause me unhappiness just by anyone's mere words. I live my life FOR MYSELF and not for anyone else. It is my personal choice, my personal decision, my personal cross to bear, my personal responsibility and my own life. It must be called MY LIFE for a reason right? hahahhaha =))) All the naysayers have their own personal choices, their own personal decisions etc etc etc and if they choose to live life criticising others and being negative, then too bad for them. I would only retain the positive parts and throw all negativity out the window. =))))