ARE you tired of setting aside what you want in return for what you have to do?

ARE YOU sick of having to make sacrifices for others?

ARE YOU weary of denying yourself and your own needs to take care of others and go through day after day of thankless routines?

ARE you unfulfilled because you feel burdened with everyone's expectations of you?

WELL... YOU CAN STOP pleasuring others and learn to pleasure yourself! After all, it's the right thing to do!!!! HOWEVER!!!!!!!!!!! I am not suggesting that you stop being responsible for your kids or divorce your wife or ignore your elderly mum etc etc. I am saying "pleasuring" yourself occasionally and making yourself feel HAPPY, SEXY, ALIVE and in love with yourself - no matter how difficult it is!!

*****Pleasuring yourself refers to the kind of pleasure and happiness that derives from saying yes to yourself and doing what you want to do. I don't mean THAT kind of pleasure, so if you are some pervert, please close this window. TYVM!*****

Pleasure means different things to different people.

To me, pleasure is : TO SAY YES TO MY WANTS AND NEEDS!!! Pleasure is to be happy.  Pleasure is to tune to the sound in my heart.

It is to enjoy another's company even though no words are exchanged.

It is to take that bite of creamy, soft haagen dazs 'Rum & Raisin' ice cream.

It is that kiss your bf / hubby gently plants on your forehead.

It is as simple as indulging yourself on a cupcake or 2!!

*****PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE only do this occasionally 
because either your zips may burst or your 
weighing machine may go on a strike. (-人-) ********

Pleasure is found in doing a kind deed and seeing that smile and hearing the whispered - “Thank you.”

It is buying that  sexy piece of lingerie from for yourself. Well, you have worked hard at the GYM so why not?!!!

(I ordered my lingerie pieces last week before they started this anniversary sale. *pouts* WHY YOU NO START your SALE EARLIER?!!??!?!)
It's their 5th Birthday & they're celebrating it with an exclusive anniversary sale..

5 Days only, starting tomorrow 12 Mar '12 to 16 Mar '12. Don't say good things I never share... what's more at my own expense.

*pout pout... slaps self for being so impatient.. =( *

Details of the sale is on their facebook :

It is saying YES, I have weaknesses too... and acknowledging that you actually SUCK at doing household chores.   (●ゝω)ノHi-5ヽ(∀<●) if you are like me hahahahah ~

Super kawaii apron from

It is looking through old photographs and remembering how that person made you feel at that moment.

It is slow dancing with your dog when no one's watching. (^_−)winkwink!

It is saying YES to treating yourself to a GOOD MEAL after all the dieting and stupid exercises that bore you to death. ( Okok... I shall admit that some exercise bores me to death.. )

It is saying YES to wearing that new push up bra, for no reason, and just because you feel like it!

It is saying YES to quirky dressing, just because it makes you feel like a DOLL!
kiss! (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ   kiss!

Super super super VERSATILE corset from 
I ordered mine from their ready to wear range. 

It is saying YES to FRESH NEW IDEAS, new opportunities and the possibilities of going on an adventure of a lifetime!

It is saying YES to try to change for the better.

It is saying YES to be sponstaneous!

It is saying YES to having a new hairstyle JUST BECAUSE
your old hairstyle makes you want to convulse each time you try 
to style it! hahahahahahha ヽ( ̄д ̄;)ノ

Shunji Matsuo 313 : FACEBOOK

It is saying YES to a wonderful offer and not feel affected because your boss thinks you are doing a much better job than the others who have been in the company WAY longer than you!

It is saying YES to offers of help when you truly need it!

It is saying YES to acknowledging that you need a break from work. This acknowledgement is vital in assisting you to become less stress, less anxious and less scattered. 

It is saying YES to spending more time sleeping instead of staying up all night!

Yes YES YES yes I know how sweet this piece is!

It is saying YES to LIVING YOUR LIFE but please please DO NOT BE CONCEITED and reckless when you make the choice to say YES!

It is saying YES to that spa trip which you have dreamed of for 10 years. 
( Okok... exaggerating here. (ˆµˆ)hehheh )

It is saying YES to taking better care of your face and making sure that you apply YOUR FACIAL MASKS regularly!!!!!!!! 

THE SOLUTION to all my aging problems?????

It is saying YES to be open to learning something new.

It is saying YES to spending more time at home than in the office, just because you do not want to miss out on your kid's growth.

It is saying YES to your boss when he suggests that you start clearing your leave just because you do not want to regret working so hard and trading in your health in exchange for recognition and monetary gain.

It is saying YES to press 'PAUSE' and stop to smell the roses.

It is saying YES to randomly dress like it is HALLOWEEN although it is only mid march. 
JUST BECAUSE you feel like it!

It is saying YES to feeling pretty although everyone else thinks otherwise. It is what you feel that matters not what others say.

It is saying YES to have the courage to live a life that is TRUE to yourself, not the life that others expect of you.

It is saying YES to have the strength to SAY NO sometimes!

Saying YES to looking adorable even though you are hitting the BIG 3-0...
Just to feel young all over again!

YOU CAN SAY YES!!! And you totally SHOULD!!!

When you start saying yes, you get to enjoy the simple pleasures in life; you get to experience new opportunities; you start to understand who you truly are;  and you'll DEFINITELY be amazed by how much pleasure helps you connect to yourself. 

Soon, you'll realise you feel more inner peace. You'll carry a sense of calm confidence wherever you go. You'll feel fulfilled when you learn to pleasure yourself.

And you would be able to have the ability to feel full control over your thoughts, your actions and your life.

The key to this door is in your hands, people!

The pleasure can be all YOURS!!!!