8 Tips on being fabulous NO MATTER WHAT!

You have to establish a signature look! 
When you think lots of layering, you'll remember famous blogger - Agri Velt 
When you think of adorable girls, you'll be reminded of Lena Fujii  from Vivi magazine.
When you think of sexy curves, you'll think of Kim Kardashian. 
so have you established your signature look yet? 

Mine???? Mine's quirky with a touch of cute and a hint of sexy. 
(^-)☆ winky wink!

You have to be able to accept a constant change in your hairstyle! 
Be amused by new hairstyles, new colors and new treatments!
Go to your hairstylist and do not feel afraid to TRY JUST ABOUT ANYTHING! 

My hair is cut and treated by Shunji Matsuo 313!

You must know that you can still look fabulous even if you are feeling crappy inside.
Look amazing even if you are going to the market or post office or even while staying home. You do not need to show everyone that you are feeling crappy. Everyday is just another opportunity to dress up!


My dress is from www.kisslocke.net.
Shoes from Miu miu.
Heart shaped handbag from Bebe.

You must first be happy! A happy person knows who they are and looks fabulous doing everything!

Stay grounded! A happy person is a FABULOUS PERSON!

The most common reason why some people think their life sucks is because they live just to please others - to please their friends, please their family or just to fit into society. BUT you need to start knowing who you are, you need to know what you need to be happy and you need to make the right choices to make yourself happy. Always always stay positive and happy! Look at the brighter side of things in whatever that you are doing.

Remember that you are living your life FOR YOURSELF!

( ^^)Y cheers☆Y(^

Dress and Black handbag both from www.kisslocke.net.
Belt from Hong Kong.
Shoes from korea.

You need to know that you are clothed in Strength, Dignity and Fabulousity....
Always tell yourself that you are STRONG. Tell yourself that you have DIGNITY because you have boundaries and others are to respect those boundaries. Tell yourself that you are fabulous because there are so many qualities you have that you like about yourself.  

Seek to understand yourself better! Are you humourous? Are you generous? Are you determined? What is it that makes you unique? Focus on these positive things and you will always feel fabulous about yourself!

Remember that even when everyone forsakes you, you still have yourself. =) 

Dress from www.kisslocke.net.
Floral headband from Korea.

You must remember that no one has the right to rain on your parade...
Always BE IN CONTROL of your emotions! 

YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF how you want to feel!

YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF how you react to any given situation!

YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF how you think and want to think!

Remember that you have to crush those negative thoughts and STOP being negative!

Dress from www.kisslocke.net.
Cutesy bikini and umbrella from BKK.
Straw bag - self designed.

You must know that you are fabulous no matter what anyone says...
You don't need anyone's approval to feel and be fabulous. 

You don't need anyone's recognition nor words to feel and be fabulous.

You don't need to be affected by nasty comments. 
For me, I think it is ok to have nasty comments, the whole world can't possibly agree with you, can they? =)

You don't need to try to change other people's opinons about you. Remember that they are living their own lives and it is their personal choice to choose to be that way. 

It's all just how we look at things! There are people who have everything but are miserable and there are people living on the streets who are perfectly happy. 

Remember that you have to learn to see everything with fabulousity and you're well on your way to being FABULOUS no matter what!

**** Yup yup the words on the hands say : "I love you! You bitch!"****

Dress from www.kisslocke.net.
Hair piece from BKK.
Bracelet- self designed.
Borrowed the hand of my bff + the talents of my photographer. =)

You must know that you can do ANYTHING you set your mind to...

You can make your life better!!! You can climb the highest mountains and swim the deepest oceans. (But but don't go and try all these adventures until you have trained and prepared yourself ok!!!) 

Ask yourself what do you desire to do? How do you get there? IF you reach your desires, how do you think you would feel? 

Next, pen down small steps and mark your milestones. You just need to take that 1st step to getting to your goal!

Have faith in yourself; know that you can do anything you put your mind to. You can face adversity and still walk tall. You are strong, fabulous, compassionate and much more than words could ever say! REMEMBER that today is yours and so is every other day!

Remember that YOU CAN BE FABULOUS NO MATTER WHAT just because you are YOU!

Dress from www.kisslocke.net.
Hair piece from Korea.
Bikini - BKK.
Shoes and bag from Japan.

And you!! YOU THERE! 
You are FABULOUS! 
Don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

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