Ok something for the lovebirds! Just because I have never felt more loved than now.

And I totally should have told the last few exes :
"Sorry dude, I am waiting for the REAL THING, no matter how long it takes."
Hahhahahahaha (*^▽^*)

Anyway, here are little tips from me to show your girlfriend / wives how much you love them :

1) The Appraisal
Communicate with her instead of talking down to her or shutting her out totally emotionally. Tell them how you feel and acknowledge their feelings as well. I know its hard sometimes, so here's an easier way!

Every week, grab a notebook and pen down your feelings, then pass the notebook to her and allow her to write her feelings. Repeat till both of your have gotten everything out of your system. This, my friend, is called the weekly appraisal.

The bf and I do the monthly appraisal. We reminiscence about what was wonderful and we reviewed what we could have done to make improvements. During these reviews, I always feel a fuzzy warm feeling inside and wonder how did my bf deal with a prankster like me.
hahahaha blissful sigh ~( ´∀`)

Use a kawaii book like these from www.cottoncandyfriends.com.

2) The Love Notes 
Get cute stationery and write love notes for her.

Yesterday, a parcel arrived for me from www.cottoncandyfriends.com.
And while I was taking a bath, the bf wrote this for me.

animated gif maker

Totally touched my heart.  (´∀`)♡
You can also place love notes in her pockets or handbag or in her car when she isn't looking.

3) The MOVE
Every guy should know "THE MOVE"! What do you mean that you don't know what I'm talking about. Well, if you don't know this is what it's all about : very lightly push up her chin, look into her eyes, tell her you love her and kiss her lightly on the forehead.

But please please please ensure that you mean what you say!
We don't need another one of those PUAs - pick-up artist!!!

4) Grasp her hand when a scantily dressed, beautiful woman walks by.
Every woman wants to be your one and only. As much as you detest guys checking out your wife or girlfriend, you checking out another woman makes your gf / wife want to smack you in your head. So as they say,"Do unto others as you would have them do to you."

*Wahahahah I can imagine all your guilty faces!* ( ̄~ ̄||||)

If she still feels insecure, stare into her eyes and tell her there is noone in the world who is as perfect for you as she is. 

5) Tell her how much you appreciate her!
As we go through the day-to-day humdrum of life, we sometimes forget to be thankful for the people that make our lives special. We should never underestimate the power of being grateful for everything in our lives. Appreciate her by showing her how thankful you are to have her in your life and remember to spell out why. 

EG: Thank you for being you because you never fail to bring joy into my life.

The little details matter!!! These little details are the very core of who she truly is and how her personality is seen through your eyes. If you're able to tell her how appreciative you are of her one little detail, it reveals why you are grateful for the fact that she is in your life. This action in itself will likely make her melt.

EG : Notice what she does to help anyone around her and tell her how much you value her generosity and kindness. 

EG : When she volunteers, tell her that you really appreciate her ability to help and care for others. 

EG : Tell her that her new hair style rocks! When you paying close attention to these sorts of changes, she'll feel that you truly are aware of the little things that she does! 

Take this moment to say "I LOVE YOU!" to your wives / gfs and take a little time to write that love note to tell them how much they mean to you. Give them the quality time that they deserve, because some things cannot be put off till "some other time."

Nothing in life is more important than to be loved and to love. And whenever you notice something small that reminds you of how much you love her, tell her rather than keep it in your heart. You never know how much it means to her.

And and..... never ever forget to tell your other half,"Good morning, beautiful *insert petname*!" and of course "Good night, sweet dreams *insert petname!"

May your weekend be filled with a dash of kindness, a pinch of bliss, a spoonful of salt and a heap of perfection!

Super super adorable spoons from www.cottoncandyfriends.com!!!