"The essence of true love is to let those we love be perfectly themselves, and not to twist them to fit into our own image. Otherwise we love only the reflection of ourselves we find in them. "

Okok, I am no expert at dating but here's a few recommendations that is 


When the bf and I went there, we were the only two there.  Couple bonding takes on a whole new meaning; a quiet evening of quality time in addition to yummy finger food and comfy sofas for us to lounge on.  At $20 per pax for the movie, it was truly a memorable experience.

**** Good for first dates as well, a great way to spend time together without the added pressure or inital awkwardness of holding a deep conversation. =p


On friday night (10 feb  2012), we went up mount faber via CABLE CAR.  And being my usual "bimbotic" self, none of my cameras were charged.  SERIOUSLY.... -__-lllll loss for words.  My cameras were either without memory sticks (WTF?!) or the battery was not charged (WTF?!!?!??!?!!!).  Plus, to top it all off, my iphone was low on battery too.  (AWESOME NEWS!!! lol...)  The bf was pretty happy though, he was pleased that the rule "no hps while on dates" would be adhered to at last.  *makes a face*

While I was pouting about the inability to take photos, the bf pointed to his head and said, "There.... use this 'camera'. The memories would never be erased."  Gotta give it to him for being so spontaneous!!! hahahahha :)

Perfect place to stare into each other's eyes and be mesmerised by the live band at The Jewel Box!
Prepare a few "hardcore" topics to discuss about with your date too! Because of the light-hearted ambience, opinions would be more readily accepted. *cheeky smile* lol...


Go to an arcade!!!! Remember the games you played when you were younger?  Now you can reminiscene together, you can race to your heart's content, whack on the buttons with all your strength or just pit your skills against each other.  Impress each other with your mental agility or simply tease each other's ineptitude.  (。⌒∇⌒)。。(⌒∇⌒。)

But but but if you are a sore loser or a ..... 'violent' loser like errr.... ****someone I know, please don't pick this option as a dating plan. Wahahahahha.... =p

*****I am not referring to myself nor my current boyfriend. hahahahah =p ok la ok la... I admit it, I am the sore and violent loser.... =p  *****


Get creative!!!! Start a storyline and take random photos of your surroundings.  After that, share your photos with each other, tell the story of your adventures in a comical style.  You can go everywhere, at any time of the day and the only limitation is your own creativity!!!!

OKOKOKOKK I haven't tried this with the boyfriend yet and I have been bugging him to do this one with me. BUT BUT, the main reason we're delaying this is because I'll start off being very excited and after 10mins or so, I'll claim to be very bored and start posing in front of the bf's camera.  Hahahahahha..... Challenge?!?!?!? What challenge???

hahahahahah and the bf's typical reaction would be :

┐('~`;)┌ oh well~~~ buay tahan~~~~

5) COOK together!

Cooking is a good way to understand your date better.  From each other's reactions, method of dealing with food, choice in ingredients etc, you are able to guage his/ her personality better! Plus plus, you do not have to spend your Valentine's Day like so many others.  Your menu would be totally personalised! *winks*

If both of you can't cook, make simple sandwiches or *coughtabaofoodcough* and picnic under the candle light at home. =))))

Actually, I do not believe in being extra loving only on Valentine's Day.  I would prefer my boyfriend to be loving everyday.  If he was especially nice ONLY on Valentine's Day, I would think that it was all an act. There are 364 other days of the year to show your loved one that you care. Why should a commercially-driven holiday such as Valentine's Day be any different? If you are truly a good, loving partner, you shouldn't need a specific holiday to tell you to demonstrate your love and show that you truly care.

If you have other Valentine Day's ideas, do add to my list!!!!! Good things are meant to be shared!!!!!



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