Watched my razortv interview last night and laughed my head off.

 WHY AM I SO UGLY!!!!!!! OMFG!!!!! 
hahahahah.... (⌒▽⌒)
*disclaimer!!!!!!!!! I'm joking la ok?!*

Stupid nose and chin sucks balls leh.... ヽ( ´¬`)ノ Oh well~~~
I had to check the mirror repeatedly to see if I truly look like that. 

It is MOTHER hard to be a female I tell you!!!!! *shakes my head*

Females have to experience childbirth, waxing of body hair or IPL of body hair, experience menstrual cramps, endure bouts of PMS once a month *Fguy'sL as well*, encounter sexual harassment and because of our anatomical differences and differences in muscle mass - we are more vulnerable to physical harm as well. Plus, females need to maintain our looks or even try to make ourselves look better, PLUS clean off and put on tons of make-up. *faints* 

And then get called a slut for trying to make ourselves happy and more beautiful. 

You tell me, hard to be a female anot?! hahahahhaha 

ヘ(;´Д`ヘ) SURRENDER white bra & white panty!!!!!!

*disclaimer!!!!!!!!! I'm joking also, ok?!*
Just in case, I receive weird emails asking for my bra & panty. Wahahahhahaha =p

Nah nah nah let you all see how a CHIPMUNK LOOKS LIKE..... wahahhahaha.... 

WHY MY FACE SO FAT?!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =( 

Arms also fat.... *stabs self*

Btw, I linked the videos up so that you peeps can see how I am in real life.
This is my personality, the true me. =)


P/s : I asked the editors not to put up one of the photos - because the photo depicts other people's faces as well. ( The editors simply took the photos off my blog. I had no idea. And you all can think what you want to think and BELIEVE what you want to believe.) They are not able to remove the photo so..... no choice.


Yoshimi_Wen said...

Wow, really admire your courage to go through so much to a whole new you.. Didn't know until saw this article and read your blog again.. You do look great and whole lots younger..

Anonymous said...

hi Jacqueline, i think you're really very brave to go through all these. beyond your beauty, i see courage. i wish i can do the same for myself too. thank you for sharing your experiences.


deliaz said...

Jacqueline, thank u so much for your honesty and sharing the detailed interview with us. I found it really helpful.

I think you look really cute and pretty in the interview. You are very intelligent and handled yourself very well.

BTW,if it helps any, maybe it's the Razor TV cameras, cause idk if you saw Dawn Yang's razorTV interview, she too also looked heavy compared to the pics that she posted on her blog.

Good luck and take care of yourself. God Bless!

Jacqueline said...

Yoshimi : BABE!!!!! Long time no see!!!! =))) I hope you enjoyed the vids. =)

Jan : Hugs.... to me is NO GUTS NO GLORY... lol...

Deliaz : Dawn is alot alot alot alot slimmer la... I am cfm fat. lol.. hugs though for the kind words! =)))

Rainbow-Violet said...

Hi, it seems like the vid has been removed?

Btw, I really like ur posts. My fren intro ur blog to me aft I told her tt I'm going for PS. ^^ and yes, I'm doing it coz I want to love myself more! Will b following ur blog closely! Thanks for blogging!

Jacqueline said...

Rainbow-violet : Its there babe =) Not removed. =)) Hugs!!! JIA YOU JIA YOU! =))))