The amount of respect and love a child feels towards the elderly is often influenced by how their parents treats their own parents.

In my opinion, I would love to provide for my mum should she come to that stage.  I also long for my partner to be filial and provide for his parents be it through monetary support or otherwise.  This shows how responsible he is and also a real man is a man who is thankful and caring.

As for those who think otherwise..... Your lack of compassion and love disgusts me.  Can you not remember that you were raised by your parents' love, support, protection, money and patience?  Honoring your parents means to provide for them - food, drinks, clothes, basic necessities, taking care of them should they physically require aid, cloth them, shelter them, nurse them should they become ill; even if this is a huge burden on your finances.   Remember, when you were young, your parents did exactly the same for you even though you were a huge burden on their finances.

As the world becomes more advanced, humans become less compassionate.

These 3 chinese proverbs seems to be the 三字经 these days for most people.

Sigh....  (*´ο`*)=3 はふぅん Tameiki~~~~

Aging is one of my greatest fears. ( Ya la ya la... go say whatever you want.  At least, I am honest about my fears. )  Aging is one of life's thresholds that few of us in our youth are mentally and emotionally prepared for.

I am consistently okokokk, obsessed with delaying my aging process by exercising, ensuring I douse myself with sunscreen, TRY very hard to be careful with my diet, and also by goring myself with skin serums / going for lasers / going for whatever procedures that have been proven to work for others.

And I think this obsession with delaying the aging process has become epidemic in my family.  Every time I visit my grandpa, I would bring him tubs of anti-wrinkle and anti-aging creams, tubes of lifting creams and bottles of serums.  Occassionally, I would "nag" at him and try my best to instigate him to accompany me when I am on my way to color my hair. lol.... =p =p ( I know I know.... but to me, loving someone means to take care of their grooming needs as well. ;P )

So do try and make time for your family, for time... the lack of it, is the main factor.

Peektures peektures....

I don't believe in leaving my old folks in the nursing homes, even though life might overwhelm me at times, it is my conscience that bothers me.   I do not wish to see that blood bond slowly disintegrating where one day my kids would be distanced from their grandparents, become conceited and alas become emotionally impaired as compassion is just but a word in the dictionary.


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