If you have been following my blog, I went for Fraxel CO2 laser in 2009 and I was very very very unhappy with the results.  I didn't blog about this treatment as I was disappointed that after going through SO much pain, the change in my skin was minimal. =(

However, yesterday, I made an appointment with my usual clinic - TCS CLINIC .
I wanted to try their fractional CO2 laser system from Korea -- enhances high-energy treatments while minimizing risks and has a lower down-time.

What fractional CO2 laser can achieve :
- Resurfaces your skin & improves your skin texture.
- Removes / lightens age spots, brown spots, sun spots.
- Firms up the skin around your eyes, decreases wrinkles around your eye area.
- Able to help cure dark eye circles BUT PLEASE NOTE THAT there is only a 50% chance of removing the dark eye circles entirely. ( To me, 50% is BETTER THAN NOTHING... so I asked Dr Chow to zap zap my dark eye circles for me. I'll let you peeps see the results in 7 days, k! )
- Acne scars.
- Surgical or Injury scars.
- Evens out the skin tone.
- Tighten pores.
- Removes Milia seeds, small lumps and bumps.

I want FLAWLESS BABY SKIN!!!!!!!!!!! So despite the downtime, I decided to go for it!!!

I'll write about the entire procedure in the next post ok?  Just wanted to show you peeps my recovery journey now. =))

BEFORE (1 week before the treatment) :



Today is DAY 1 OF RECOVERY so ...... nah my horrendous face....

*Cue Beethoven 5th symphony*

THE return of the zombie... wahahhahahah (━┳━ _ ━┳━)


My personal thoughts now?!

I am very very eager to see the results but am paranoid about infections at this moment.  Every 3 hrs, I would apply recovery cream and spitz my face with Avene's Thermal Spring Water.

I also apply a cold compress to my face randomly.

*crosses my fingers*  =))


Last King of Kho's Kingdom said...

Would you mind to share the cost for every procedure that you went to?

Jacqueline said...

hi, I would provide the cost of the co2 laser and from now onwards but not the surgery I have done earlier though. =)

mei said...

how much is the Co2 laser you have done?


Sweetness said...

hello, do you use tags for entries? As I would really like to see your previous entries on the surgery processes and so on.

xoxo thanks!

Jacqueline said...

Mei : 4 sessions + 2 free for 2.4k at TCS CLINIC but do go mention my name and say that I recommended you this package deal. =))))

Sweetness : Hi babe, added labels. But you can google : jacqueline koh plastic surgery =)