Ok, I get emails everyday asking me how I deal with this and that.... And so I have decided to start a weekly "Beauty Column" where I would post the reader's email and present my own solutions.

I hope you peeps find this helpful... 

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Actually I suffer from dark eye circles as well. 

However, we can lighten the dark eye circles if we know what causes our condition! 

Causes of dark eye circles :

1) Some food allergies can cause dark eye circles.

2) If your diet is not balanced, or if there are some nutrients lacking in your daily diet, this can contribute to the discoloration of the area under your eyes. It is believed that a lack of iron causes dark circles as well. Iron deficiency is the most common type of anemia and this condition is a sign that not enough oxygen is getting to the body tissues.

3) Dark circles under eyes might also be a symptom of liver problems.

4) Excessive smoking.

Cures : 

1) The surest and quickest way to cure dark circles is by applying HEMORRHOID CREAM! ( This is used for piles but when applied to your dark eye circles, it's a miracle cream! Many celebs and models use this to get immediate bright eyes! ) Hemorrhoid cream contains yeast and shark oil which is believed to help shrink veins and dark circles. BUT BUT I wouldn’t suggest you use it too frequently as it may be too harsh on the skin.

2) Smoke less!

3) Keep the skin surrounding your eyes hydrated. Decrease your salt intake and drink lots of water as well.

4) Go for a full body checkup and see if your liver is fine. (Just in case cos I am very kiasu and kiasi lol)

5) Sleep more.

6) Exercise and also ensure that you eat a multi-vit daily.
PLUS add a dose of iron supplements to your day by eating liver porridge or iron tablets.

7) Ensure that you stay away from food allergies so as not to aggrevate your condition.

8) For me, I personally am using De La Mer's the eye concentrate every night and I only use the hemorrhoid cream on urgent days where I need to look "perfect".

9) There are also ways to cover the dark eye circles while u are "healing" lol...

Let me show you how to do this :

10) Lastly, once a week, apply an eye mask. =)


Amber said...

Hi Jacqueline!

Can I know where can I get hemorrhoid cream? My dark circles need some help!


Jacqueline said...

Hi babe!

My friend from usa mailed my tube to me. I think it is hard to get it in sg.