HEYA PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!

How's your weekend so far??? 

Mine has been nothing short of AWESOME! =))) I've been replying emails all morning and clearing backlogs; about to take a break and shout :"PANG KANG LIAO" and get ready to step into my playful mode. 

*coughcough actually everyday I'm also in playful mode la.... coughcough* 


Ok ok, as you already know, I get emails everyday asking me how I deal with this and that.... 

And so I have decided to start a weekly "Beauty Column" where I would post a reader's email and present my own solutions. This is the second letter I am posting up.

This round, its something from a partner's point of view. 
*points a gun at my family & friends* ¬o( ̄- ̄メ) "Support me or else... wahhahahah" 

Ok ok ok, that was a JOKE.  Its very tiring to keep disclaiming :this is a joke whenever I say something funny. Read whatever I say with a pinch of salt ok??? Relak la... Life is already so stressful, why be so uptight when you are reading about someone else's life?! 


I hope you peeps find this helpful... 

(*≧ ∀ *) 

My personal opinion that you should support her. Tell her that you love her for who she is and that you do not feel that she needs to change. But even if she does what she feels makes her happy, you would support her. ACTUALLY......... er.....Truthfully, my current bf does not like me to undergo ops / botox / fillers etc, he feels that I look perfectly fine the way I am. If he could choose, he would want my old looks back. But he tells me that even though he doesn't believe I need anything done (plastic / cosmetic surgeries), he wants me to know that as long as I am happy, he would be happy for me. 

I feel very secure and loved whenever he reminds me that no matter what, he would support me in whatever choice I make even if he disagrees. =))) 

Remind yourself that : 

A great relationship consists of -

a) friendship : You wouldn't insist that your best friend not be who she truly wants to be or disallow your best friend to do whatever makes her happy right?! Then be that friend to your girlfriend. =)

b) love : If you love someone, it means that it is ok to have differing opinions, you still got her back no matter what! =)

c) freedom : She has the freedom to choose to do whatever she wants, as long as the decision is her personal choice and that she was not under duress or threat when she made a decision.You also have the freedom to tell her how you feel and what you think, but in the end, it is her life, know that only she can be fully responsible for her decisions. =)

d)communication : Tell her how you feel when she makes a choice. Reassure her and make her feel that you would always be on her side so that she would never be afraid to try something new.And she on your side. =)

Life gets boring when we always stay within the limits of what we are familiar with so don't be afraid to try another way to make your relationship better. 

All females want a guy who we can feel secure with and know that our bf/hubby is our BIGGEST fan and LOUDEST cheerleader. =)) HUGs for you and your babe! I hope you'll have the BEST conversation about this topic and may you guys renew your love with each other. =))))