The holiday season is officially over....  And at a perfect timing too!!

I'm getting sick of the junk food, sick of feeling bloated and mad angry at myself for gaining the extra weight over this holiday season.  I NEED and CRAVE for normalcy and some routine back in my life.

2011 has been a very crazy year for me.  And boy, AM I GLAD THAT its all over. *Gladly welcomes YEAR 2012 with WIDE OPEN ARMS!!!!!

I shall now proclaim YEAR 2012 to be a year of change for me.  Here's to a HEALTHIER LIFESTYLE!!!!!  No more random spamming of oishiiii food, no more binge eating at buffets and most importantly, more exercise for this lazy ass of mine!

Change - a word filled with amazement and emotions, it may seem like a great idea.  But, truth be told, the change which I would emcompass in my life, does trigger some resistance and fear.  Every morning, I wake up brainwashing myself :"You can do it!"  I know I should be embracing and welcoming this change as it would be an improvement to the current quality of my life.  I am filled with gratitude and appreciation for the opportunities given to me so far.

I know it is a process and to attain the optimal outcome, even my loved ones needs to committed and open to this change.  ( FYLs people.... but know that I STILL LOVE YOU! wahahhahaha =p )

I have internalised the entire process and here are some tips on how YOU TOO CAN IDENTIFY parts of your life where a change is needed.  In order for change to last, you would need really really KICKASS FRIENDS who would gladly provide that slap in the face or that kick in the shin anytime you step out of line.  ( wahahahhaha =p give u a good "walloping" if need be. Nah... I'm just kidding! =p )

Steps to take to start a CHANGE in your own life :

- Decide that a change is needed.

- Make a timeline and set gradual milestones.

- Reward yourself at each milestone achieved.

- Taking small steps every single day and reminding yourself that this is for your own good.

- Taking some time to look after your own emotional, mental and physical self. Re-evaluate how the changes have affected you monthly.

Rally your loved ones to form your support group :

Your support group is vital too!  Surround yourself with friends who truly care for you and your well-being, talk to positive people who would bring about encouragement, have that one true buddy that you know you can trust NO MATTER WHAT!!!  ( These are the friends / loved ones who *FYL* are always critical of what you do and what you are about to do, they never ever sugar coat their words and they would flag you at all costs.)

However, do ensure your support group aids your growth in the right way.

Here's what my support group has been doing so far and it has been working positively for me :


They believe that everyone has their own pace when running their own race.  As my supporters, they ensure that they do not flood me with too much criticisms and this helps make everything seem less like a chore to me.  And since change generally comes slow, I can jolly well do without the "ah-ha" moments.  My supporters understand me so well, they know that in order to achieve a lasting change, it must stem from my own desire of wanting something different for my life.


My loving darlings never ever tried the manipulation method on me, they know that it doesn't work well on me.  I would become more rebellious and do the opposite just for the fun of it.  They never ever tried using anger or avoidance or guilt-tripping me into changing either.  They know that I need lots of support, so I have not experieced a harsh or stern tone when they are pointing out my faults.  They know that I need a lot of love and concern now, and not a warden.  I am truly very very thankful for the love that has been showered upon me.

I am glad that they remembered that as my support group, they are playing the part of a cheerleader extremely well.  In order to be a unified team, I need them to constantly cheer me on!!!!

BUT BUT I am not expecting them to be sugar coating every word and every sentence.  I need them to be firm yet gentle, kind with their words yet frank.  I will try my best to make it easy for them.  *crosses my fingers and smiles cheekily*  wahahhahahaha.....


Thank you for being in my support group for the past few months!!!!  I know I can count on you peeps to stay on course.  I am glad that all of you are so open to learning and seeking ways to contribute.   I am so sosoos grateful that all of you had the courage to help me with the changes I need to create a healthier body.  hahahahahhaha.... =p

And because you peeps lead by example, I now clearly see, hear and feel that change is not such a difficult move.  I am glad to be infected by all of your "rules of a HEALTHY lifestyle" and I hope that I would not be creating too much chaos in your life for this period of time too....  hahahahahhahha *makes a cheeky face*

Lastly, a little quote to edge all of you on!!! =)))))
"There is nothing you cannot be, there is nothing you cannot do, there is nothing you cannot have." Neale Donald Walsch

Tell yourself this every morning:

I am playful. I am satisfied. I am sober. I am a being of light. I am powerful. I am happy. I am thankful. I am grateful. I am brilliant. I am creative. I am joyful. I am young. I am free. I am loved. I am fun-loving. I am beautiful. I am an innovator. I am full of energy. I am healthy. I am forgiving. I am caring. I am empathetic. I am considerate. I am benevolent. I am unique. I am benevolent. I am productive. I am cherished. I am adored. I am excited. I am enthusiastic. I am adorable. I am productive. I am adorable. I am appreciated. I am cared for. I am protected. I am bold. I am strong. I am cheerful. I am considerate. I am charming. I am calm. I am devoted. I am determined. I am positive. I am decisive. I am charming. I am dazzling. I am eager. I am dynamic. I am efficient. I am humorous. I am adaptable. I am fabulous. I am generous. I am harmonious. I am instinctive. I am insightful. I am nuturing. I am productive. I am optimistic. I am warm. I am witty. I am stimulating. I am zealous. I am me.

If you are dealing with other forms of CHANGE in your life this year like me, 加油!! 加油!! 加油! 加油!!!!!!!!!!!!

♡ (☆^^☆)ノ 


whiz.chua said...

exercise is good, i believe exercising is certainly very important .. junk also can have healthy junk food.

wintergurl said...

wow u really pretty and gorgeous .thanks for sharing your surgery's journey

Jacqueline said...

Whiz.chua : thanks! lol.... healthy junk food like ....... tell me leh!!!!! this type of ho liao must share!!!!!!! lol

Wintergurl : Thanks babe! And I am glad you enjoyed reading about my plastic surgery. =))) You are very very very beautiful yourself!!!! Stay chio~~~~