We had lots of F.U.N during this shoot, although I was feeling a little under the weather that day.  I was sulking because I felt that I had put on some weight. ヽ(`⌒´メ)ノ

This photoshoot was for a write-up about Plastic Surgery.  In fact, as much as everyone wants to deny this phenomenom, it is actually becoming a common practice.  While Asians are mostly crazy about double eyelids and nose jobs, the westerners are more concerned about boob jobs and liposuctions. 

There used to be a veil of secrecy around such procedures but ever since the hit plastic surgery-themed series "Nip/Tuck", it is no longer taboo to talk about it.

After reading the article in Her World, I felt the need to clarify that I am not addicted to plastic surgery.

Here are my thoughts on Plastic Surgery :

Sufficient Funds & Moral Support
1) Make sure you have sufficient funds and the moral support of your friends or family before deciding to undergo a procedure. 

Love the Animes, but.....
2) I personally LOVE LOVE LOVE the anime girls' big eye look, BUT I do not wish to look like I have just walked out of a comic book.  (* ̄m ̄)Sigh....

Ensure that this is a PERSONAL CHOICE!!!!
3) Undergoing the knife is a PERSONAL CHOICE!!!!!  Please do not be influenced by someone else or allow the media to distort your self image.  For me, I simply wanted to ENHANCE my looks and whatever I chose to do, I am not influenced or co-orced by anyone at all.  In my opinion, undergoing the  knife is no different from coloring one's hair / shaving your armpits / coloring your nails / going for eyebrow embroidery / applying make-up / going for eyelash extensions etc etc.  These actions are also NOT NATURAL.  To me, plastic surgery is simply a tool for one's own personal grooming.  I am not harming anyone by making this decision.  SHOULD anything go wrong, I ONLY HAVE MYSELF TO BLAME and no one else.  I take full responsibility for that!!  And of course, the surgeon you chose has to take responsibility too. =))

Do your own research!!!!!
4) HOWEVER, having said all that, I would still insist that if you decide to undergo a procedure, please please please do your research.  Read up articles written by the surgeons and read up what other patients are saying about the surgeon.  You have to know what you are getting yourself into.  You have to understand the risks involved and at least have a backup plan - "What should I do if something goes wrong?"  For me, before deciding on the surgeon, I did my research very very very thoroughly.  I shopped around for a plastic surgeon and talked to each and every surgeon before deciding which one I  felt most comfortable with.  I know exactly what I am getting myself into and I also had my own backup plans.  FULLY understand what you are getting yourself into and whether this procedure suits you.

FAKE -vs- REAL?!?!?!?
5) I am also conscientious in retaining my youth....  hahahahaha Or whatever that is left of it. (●´∀`●) Whoever said that being a female was easy, has gotta be kidding me!!!!!!  I have a pretty low threshold for pain but for the sake of beauty, I faced my fears.  I did not try to enshroud my surgeries and pretend that I look like this from the start.  And if this is fake to you, then pray tell me your definition of real.  Do remember that by applying concealer to your dark eyebags or even wearing a PUSH-UP bra to enhance your assets is ALREADY a lie in itself. 

Okok.... photos from behind the scenes during the shoot....... Enjoy~~~~

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In the meantime, 加油加油加油加油加油 to present your BEST to the world.... ☆ (゜∇゜)ノ