For the longest time, I have been contemplating the "GOLD THREAD LIFT" procedure at the TCS CLINIC as I felt that my cheeks were losing its elasticity. I had been consuming collagen and a bottle of bird's nest everyday.

Not sure if the collagen powder and bird's nest is working but I would prefer to think it is. *winkplaceboeffectwink*

Anyhow, I was researching on the possible treatments to tighten my skin and enhance its elasticity. I wanted to improve the lines near my nose - nasal folds and tighten my saggy cheeks. (Looking like a BULLDOG soon... FML!!!) Upon consulting Dr Chow at TCS Clinic, he recommended that I try out the INFINI treatment. 

Read more about the treatment on TCS Clinic's website here:

This is a pretty new technology on the market. Here is a mini write up from the manufacturer's website :

Infini, a new bipolar radiofrequency system with fractional dimensions produced LUTRONIC CORPORATION, creating micro-holes in the fractional 'skin with its many micro-needles and causes the skin through the issue of radiofrequency coagulation in the 

end of the needle, then stimulates the production of collagen and elastic tissue with no potential thermal damage to 'skin. With this technology, the 'skin is covered in security through the use of 'needle for fractional ablation and the dermis is also best treated as a result of the deep thermal heat that leads to collagen remodeling is not all: you improve scars and wrinkles, and induces a long-term tightening of the skin.

Pictures taken at TCS CLINIC @ CENTRAL

Bare skin without a trace of make-up or photoshop.... 
taken 5 mins before starting the INFINI treatment....
I have open pores, slight redness, saggy cheeks and some scars...

Infini machine... =) 

A layer of numbing cream was applied to my face prior to the treatment,
which took 30 mins to take effect.
Dr Chow then used the INFINI machine and worked it on my face.

Truth be told, this treatment is not for the weak hearted. 
If you have a very low threshold for pain, please request the doctor to
provide local anesthesic for the areas that would be treated prior to the treatment.
Needles were pierced through my skin and therefore you can see some blood. 
This micro needling technique helps the RF to penetrate deeper into our skin!

The amount of pain I was in can be deciphered from the way I clenched my fists. 
hahahah =p
All for the price of beauty.....
My motto: "Do or DIE." 


Day 3 after the INFINI treatment.
Its ok to apply make-up already but there were still some red spots on my cheeks and chin area. :D

Day 8 after the INFINI treatment.
No marks from the treatment, and skin looks visibly tighter and cheeks appeared firmer.
No photoshop.

Day 9 after the INFINI treatment.
Scars looked visibly lighter, skin looks visibly tighter and cheeks appeared firmer.

Overall Feedback : 

For the number of compliments I got after the entire episode, I totally think the INFINI treatment is a must try. However, if your threshold for pain is really really low, you might want to consider another alternative to this treatment. It is quite painful for me, on a scale of 1-10, this treatment gets a 7.5/10 for the amount of pain I received. But the results deserves a 9/10. =))))  2 thumbs up to Dr Chow and his team for helping me regain my youth!!!!!! =D 

P/s: I know i'm not old to began with.... *flicks hair* lol.... =)) 


tinG said...

How much is this INFINI treatment?
How long does the effect last and u only need to do one time, right?

Please email me at

Thank you. =)

Tianhong Zhang said...

how much is the infini treatment. i have seen your other article talked about CO2 laser and be mentioned that if tell dortor your name that will get more off as 2400 for 6 co2 treatment.

does it work for INFINI treatment?


HOPE your can give me some advice.

Tianhong Zhang said...


can you tell me how much is INFINI treatment?

i have seen your other article mentioned that you have treated CO2 laser and if we mentioned your name to doctor we will get promotion as 2400 for 6 co2 laser. how about the INFINI treatment? can i still get promotion if i mention your name?

i really need your advice and hope you can send me email.



Sarifah said...

Hi I'm concerned if the skin will be further scarred by pinpoint needle marks..would the holes close up? Would appreciate if you could email me at