I know that people can be selfish and they don't want to be bothered about other people's problems but their own.  But you of all people!!!!! You were my twin soul... our souls were intertwined and yet you were able to just abandon me with a snap of your fingers, just because I am stressed???!!!

If you are here to pretend to be nice, FUCK OFF!!!!!!! ╭∩╮(︶︿︶)╭∩╮ I totally see through all the BULLSHIT!!!!!!  STOP asking me what is wrong if you don't really want to know.  When you are down, I encouraged you, tried to pick you up, dust your knees and listened to your woes!  No?!  When I am down, you just KICK me harder!!!!!  When I'm up, my friends know who I am.  When I'm down, I know who my friends are.  And you were never truly here.... Don't give me stupid promises about being here for me....

I do not need help at all, all I needed was a listening ear and a comforting shoulder.  Now, I know that you are a hypocrite.  By the way, babe, I have things that I am unhappy about.  I keep compromising to your wishes, but once in awhile, why can't you compromise to some of mine?

Go ahead; abandon ship!  After all, what's new?!

I know deep in my heart that some people will never fit into my life, no matter how much I want them to..... I just never expected this of you.  I know that my mistakes would be my motivation, not my excuse.    And, babe, I am not quitting and I am going to be stronger than I ever think I could be. 

P/S: A SOUL MATE WOULD NEVER LEAVE ME ALONE ON THE CURB AND LET ME BLEED. They'll at least offer me a piece of tissue. 

P/p/s : LATEST UPDATE..... I misunderstood the BFF's words. I said I was upset, her reply was : "Ok I better leave now, so as not to stress you." 

AND AND i thought that she was going to 'break-up' with me, just because I was upset and stressed.... *SLAPS SELF* something wrong with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm SO SOOSOSOSOSSO SORRY babe!!!!!!! Still love u!!!! ♥ ❤ ❥


Ivy Lim said...

Babe, don't worry. You still have us readers! Don't let those people, and their words bring you down!



Jacqueline said...

Thanks ivy! =)