There's some things or people that hold us back and they also prevent us from moving forward and hinder us from pursuing our dreams and from having some of the best relationships in our life.

Do you have someone or something that is holding you back?  What or WHO is holding YOU back?

There are a few emotions that we are driven by...

Sadness /  LVE / Joy / Fear / Anger

I'm going to write about FEAR today.

When we are trying to fall in love, some of us have FEARS in our life that keep us from moving forward.  Some of us are trapped in a "cage" which we have built around ourselves. This "cage" is formed when one becomes coarsened and cynical from being exposed to the real world.

There is the FEAR of never being good enough that often cloud our thoughts too.

FEAR that we wouldn't be loved.

FEAR that we would lose control.

FEAR that we would be abandoned.

FEAR that others would judge us.

FEAR that we are not able to meet our deadlines.

FEAR that we cannot meet expectations.

FEAR that love will be taken away from us.

FEAR that we'll get hurt by people who are meant to love us.

FEAR that you would fail in trying to achieve your dreams.


At the root of it all, we're still like a child in a grown up body.  These fears were imprinted into our brains from when we were a little child.     

I'm not writing this post to point to you peeps that you have fears, EVERYONE does.  MY FEAR IS super hilarious, and if I told you, you'll all laugh.  My fear is I cannot sleep alone at night.  I would have 6 pillows surrounding me, my dogs beside me before I am able to sleep.  I am very very paranoid that the wicked witches would catch me and eat me at night, because my parents always told me if I did not sleep on time, the witches would come.  *sheepish look* hahahahahhahah my boyfriends would laugh every time I tell them this fear.    

I am writing this to tell myself and you peeps that when you allow this FEAR to CONTROL your life, you would not be able to enjoy your life fully.  You would not be able to be truly and completely FREE.  Instead, WE should be in CONTROL of it.

DON'T LISTEN TO ANY CYNICAL CRITICISMS.  Keep reminding yourself that no one else matters EXCEPT you.  GO achieve whatever you want for your life, BE whoever you want to be, DO whatever you want to do.  NOTHING and NO ONE can stop you, it's only FEAR that is holding you back.  We do not need to fear failure at all, for failure is the mother of all success.

So, the choice is up to you.

Know what you want to do and plan how you're going to do it.  

Tell yourself everyday : I WILL HAVE NO FEARS.

What appears to be difficult is actually very SIMPLE.  Don't overthink it - leave your fears at the door and life can be so much more fulfilling. =))) 

Remember : Take life with a grain of salt.....a slice of lime, and a shot of tequila! ;)