I miss doing stupid random things with my friends. 

I miss the days when I used to have nap time after lunch in school and instead, these times was spent gossiping with my kindergarten friend. 

I miss the thrill of discovering new things.

I miss having life so simple, that the only thing I would care about is how much candy I was allowed to eat or how long I was allowed to play outside.

I also miss the cartoons from my childhood, 
in my opinon, cartoons were much better many years ago.

I miss all the games I used to play with my siblings, we could build anything out of some paper or even a blankie coupled with tons of IMAGINATION... and VOILA~ CHO FUN! \(・∀・*)

I miss my teenage life; doing all the crazy things in the classroom.... like pouring water down my classmate's neck just for the fun of it... putting the school bully's uniform inside the toilet bowl.. hahahahhaa 
( ̄▽ ̄)ノ 哇 哈哈哈...

I also miss seeing my daddy around the house.

I miss those old Ladybird books, those Nancy Drew books, and those Enid Blytons.

I miss the days when only tying my own shoe laces was the hardest thing to do and my mummy would make up a bunny song to teach me how to do it on my own.

I miss playing barbies, 家酒 or whatever that I made up in my mind and I know that I could let my imagination run wild.

I miss not having to pay bills. 

I miss not knowing how big the world outside was and not knowing how precarious & unpredictable life can be.

I miss the smell of Granny's cooking and the way she tells me to eat more and smiles at me. It is during these fleeting times when the universe around me was 
peaceful, calm, and filled with everlasting hope.

I miss my Grandpapa's story-telling; the fantastic stories of his childhood he used to tell me for hours on end.

I miss doing anything I want and being contented with it; just a piece of chocolate would delight me till no end. Now even the most expensive ones are fat inducers to me. (T_T)

I miss laying on my back in the garden of our old home, watching the clouds and the only thing to care about is if my favourite cartoon is playing soon.

I miss feeling the butterflies in my tummy when I fall in love.

I miss... well I could go on forever I guess, life was/is beautiful...

I miss looking out for every possible way in order to SKIP a class and always hoping that a teacher would be absent so that I can play with my classmates. 

I miss recess.

I miss swinging as high as I could go on the swing set and going Weeeee~~~~~ 

I miss hanging upside down on the monkey bars and screaming: "Look at me!!" 

I miss coloring in color books on the airplane and not having to endure people giving me weird stares.

I also miss playing with all my stuffed animals and forcing them to have picnics or weddings. (・∀・ )

I miss wrestling, Transformers, Lego, playdoh, captain planet, teenage ninja turtles, marvel comics, old disney cartoons, Dragon Ball, Sailor Moon, Winnie the Pooh, Sonic the hedgehog, Bugs Bunny cartoons, My little pony cartoons, Strawberry shortcake cartoons and those Lullabies, my mum used to sing to me to make me sleep.  
(´~`) ZZzzz...

I miss the days when there were no intricate love affairs where I have to fret about who to choose.

I miss the members of my family that aren't here any more.

I miss using blankets and pillows and building a fortress with them and there I felt invincible! p(*^-^*)q

I miss eating toffees and chocolates which I used to buy from the mamastore near my school.

I miss those carefree days. when I did not care about what other people thought about me. Of cos, I still do not give a damn what other people think about me BUT its not like when I was kid. When I was a kid, being best or first, did not matter, all I did was live life like it's the most beautiful and sacred thing!

I miss hiding myself by climbing inside ridiculously small spaces and popping out to scare people. It makes me vvvvvvv happy to see them shocked.... hahhahhahha \(o ̄∇ ̄o)/ BOO! 

I miss having those birthday parties where my mum dresses me up in cute lacey frocks and kept asking me to say: "Cheese~~~"

I miss writing those long letters to Santa, feeling excited about the Christmas presents that he would bring and thinking that he was real.

I miss being able to run around playing hide-n-seek or catching non-stop for hours on end, and strangely, it felt exhilarating.

I miss the youth and the little child in me....   


Rene, Gucci's mom said...

Nice cardigan! where can I get that? =D

Jacqueline said...

hi its available at www.theblogshop.sg =)