As you know, (if you are following me on twitter) I have broken up with my long term boyfriend of 6 years. We have decided to part ways amicably and would remain BFFs - best friends. That being said, I am surprised that I moved on very easily without any drama or heart breaks.

This could also mean that we have had the ability to learn from each other to the best that we can. And there is no more left to aid each other's personal growth. We still talk everyday; we bbm / talk on the phone everyday. And also I have been dating quite a bit now. Kinda like "Fresh meat in the open market." TRUTH be told, I really do not enjoy the dating process, the being mindfucked by others and trying to mind fuck them in return is really WTF to me!

Now I'll provide you babes some dating tips which I think is useful =))) :

1) Playing hard to get doesn't work all the time. 
If you really really truly are interested in the person because his/her personality attracts you, GO TELL THEM! Flattery is the best way to jump start a conversation. Plus, it makes the other party feel good and brings a smile to their face. That's what you want, ain't it? Bringing a smile to his/ her face whenever they think of you. =)

2) Stay true to your personality. 
Be honest with how you feel and think. If it is not normal for you to BEND OVER BACKWARDS to please someone. DON'T!!!!! Just be yourself. This allows him/ her to truly see the real you. If this date works out, GOOD! If it doesn't, NEXT~~~~

3) Don't BE TOO CLINGY!!! 
If you are just dating around, you are not bound by relationship rules! You don't need to report your EVERY MOVE to him and neither does he. He can go out and have as much fun as he wants and YOU SHOULD TOO! Accept as many dinner dates - even if it is with different guys / gals and just have FUN. Socialise around and ensure that you give each other lots of space. Let him hang out with his buddies. Remember less is ALWAYS MORE!

4) Get your ACT together!!!!
Regime regime regime... Remember how I was telling you peeps how to look your best? How to take good care of your skin? Read this if you haven't already : Tips on getting clear skin!!!! 

If you are newly single, this has gotta be the BEST TIME of your life to stick to a regime!!!! Join a gym, get a facial package or start a diet. How to lose weight? Read this : 3 simple steps to losing weight!! 

Get your hair styled or colored or extended. I just got my hair extended at : ANGELXIN

Go for regular botox sessions. (LOL.... I meant if you really need it, go for it. For me, I go to TCS CLINIC  for my botox / fillers / facial treatments. =))) 

Ensure that you also have a CLOSET full of the nicest. trendiest clothes to wear!!!! I'm sure you'll be turning heads wherever you go!!!!! Get the trendiest clothes here : THEBLOGSHOP

5) NEVER be too available!!!!
Everyone likes the mystery, enigma and the thrill of a good chase! This is especially true for the guys. So the rule of the thumb is, NEVER SLEEP with your dates too soon. The longer you make them long for you, the more they would treasure every moment with you. If you are truly feeling rather frisky, GO SETTLE IT YOURSELF. This is the same for both Guys and Babes!

6) TESTING the goods!!!!
Wahahahhaha... this is my favourite tip! I always try to be extra NAUGHTY / extra IRRITATING / extra TEMPERAMENTAL before deciding that this date is going to be exclusive or not. This is not normal. ( Ya la ya la... I know I am not normal, that makes me SUPER SPECIAL. Same goes for you peeps out there! Everyone has a something special about them! ;p ) Usually, if my date passes my "tests", I would be more inclined to meet them for the 2nd date / 3rd date etc  etc etc ... 

So what are your personal dating tips? Do share with me... so that I can add a little to my bag!

 Ciao for now~~~~

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Loooove your shoes!
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Hi babe

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