You know whenever you get yourself into a new relationship; there would be those butterflies in your tummy, urges to see each other now now now and that perpetual smile when you think of each other. You are at the honeymoon period, my friend! 

However, the honeymoon can be prolonged if you stick to rules.... 

Relationship Rules :

Rule #1: Rules are based on what both of you have agreed upon from the start. Rules are not absolute for everyone, they can be changed from one relationship to another. 
Rule #2: Accept each other as a whole; not like some parts and hope to change other parts.
Rule #3: When you face hurdles, both of you have to stick together and talk things through. Not give up and give in. Don't run at the first hurdle.
Rule #4: Say what you mean. Honesty is always the best policy.
Rule #5: Learn from your past relationships, everyone has made mistakes in their past but it doesn't have to affect your present or your future! Set detailed goals for both your futures and live for yourselves NOW! Learn from the past, treasure the moment, prepare for the future and enjoy the SEX!!!!!
Rule #6: When in doubt, talk things out. Proper communication is the key to having good relationships.
Rule #7: Don't expect a perfect ending and the ending, it'll be perfect.
Rule #8: State your expectations and renew these expectations every 3 years. This allows both of you to understand your goals and head towards it hand in hand.
Rule #9: There are compromises to be made in every relationship. So compromise! It's not worth losing the one you truly love just because of PRIDE!!!
Rule #10: Respect each other's feelings. Be careful of the words you utter, because the words might not mean anything to you, but it could mean everything to your partner.


Michelle said...

Hi what brand of sun block do you think is good ?

Michelle said...

Hi what brand sun block do you think is good ?

Jacqueline said...

hi michelle : I am using l'oreal UV perfect (purple) and clarins UVA / UVB sunblock spf 40.