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So, I've been getting quite a bit of emails asking if I have gone under the knife for my looks, and seeing as so many people are vainly trying to find advice on plastic surgery (including myself), I thought I would share a little on what I have done, with hope that interested people may find some useful information from my experience instead of having to go through trial and error like I have.

I know it is taboo to talk about plastic surgery for many Asians, especially Singaporeans, but it is such a common procedure in other parts of the world that I don't think it should be shunned here.  I have always been open to the concept of plastic surgery even though I didn't think I really needed it.  Don't get me wrong, I was never unhappy with my looks, but like every normal girl who wants to better her looks, I did feel that certain areas of my face could be improved: namely, my eyes, nose, face shape, chin (might as well say the whole face LOL) haha!!  But truth be told, it really is the minor changes to the face that can make it look better (maybe not to the world, but to me, and that's enough to make me happy with my looks).

After much research (and I mean very very very extensive research that wasn't based in Singapore, since we all know that Singapore is lacking information about plastic surgery), I found several procedures that I felt could help improve my overall appearance and I'll talk more about my plastic surgery experience here.  Don't shoot me for it; I just want to share my experience so that people who may be interested in such procedures will have a point of reference rather than embark on their personal experience with absolutely no clue.

A little disclaimer....

If you're a hater, I wish you all the best in life. If you're a hater because you can't afford plastic surgery, email me.  I have some contacts which are very affordable and reliable.  If you are someone who feels you can improve your looks through surgery, email me.  I can tell you more about my experience, the pain, and the pleasure.  This post is meant as an informative one and I'm not here to assert my good looks or anything of the sort;  I think I'm slightly better than before, yes, but I don't think I'm as pretty as many other people out there. 

In fact, I wouldn't recommend surgery at all.

I didn't have natural good looks like some of you girls; rather, I bought my looks with money, and yes, I will definitely have haters for this.  But I didn't do it out of insecurity; I did it because I was seeking improvement and hopefully, perfection (here I will define perfection to be ANGELABABY!!!! hahaah).  I wouldn't recommend surgery because it is not only painful and tiring but also a long term commitment to hard work: months and months on end applying scar gels, expensive moisturizing and facial creams, dealing with painful swelling and worrying about the final results, numerous re-corrections, and generally feeling unpleasant for the duration of recovery, which can take as long as six months.

I had the money and so much free time; that's how I was able to remain committed.  If you want to go through surgery because of insecurity, DON'T.  A psychologist would be able to help you better.  Plastic surgery will never make you more secure.  It'll only be a pleasurable process if you're seeking improvement, not justification of your looks. 

Your face will always be a work in progress.  It takes hard work and dedication to keep it clean, well-maintained, smooth, and fair.  Surgery will not change you overnight, it's merely an expensive step in the grand scheme of improving your looks.  Do consider all these before you choose to embark on any type of surgery.

My email is jacquelineangelicious@gmail.com



Here Goes The Story

I'll just briefly mention the various procedures I have done; I intend to go into detail for every procedure in individual posts.

It all started when I first tried to correct my greatest flaw: my protruded mouth.  I had a protruded upper mouth that made me show a lot of my upper teeth and gums every time I talked or laughed.  This is an extreme example (pic from Google)

Yes, I looked like this.  Hahahahahahahahaha

But no, not really.  This is how I looked like before any surgery.  Can you see the changes already? =)

Braces (Singapore)

You can see that the typical Neanderthal Man has a very protruded mouth.  This dude has both his upper and lower mouth protruded, FHL lol!  For me, I simply had a protruded upper mouth.  I had mistakenly (I'll elaborate why in a later paragraph) believed that a dental surgeon could solve this for me and many dentists I had asked, including a famous maxilliofacial surgeon had suggested 1. Braces and 2. Jaw Reduction Surgery.  Apparently they had said that the latter was unnecessary as braces would not only have the same effect, but also had the added function of correcting my slightly crooked teeth.

BRACES IS WORSE THAN SURGERY!!!!! I HATE IT!!! IT WAS THE WORST TIME OF MY LIFE!!!  It gave me massive ulcers, awkwardness in social situations, made me unable to eat my favorite food like KANGKONG, always had food stuck within, and caused me to look even UGLIER!!!

How can something that's meant to correct your ugly looks make you feel even worse!!  Such a mental torture!!!!

Chin Augmentation (Korea)

Well, it was later that I discovered at a Plastic Surgeon that my mouth wasn't the problem, rather, it was my RECEDED CHIN.  And I was like OMG??????  I WENT THROUGH ALL THE BRACES PAIN FOR WHAT???????  This was the first time that I felt that some advice would have gone a long way in preventing me wasting so much time on the wrong procedures.  So, to solve my protruding mouth problem, I eventually decided on going for Chin Augmentation Surgery.  For this, I went to a surgeon in Korea.

I had decided on Korean doctors because of the tremendous amount of work they do there, making them much more experienced than local doctors; in fact, plastic surgery is so common there that teenagers are given a new nose or a new chin for their birthdays!!  SO SHIOK!!  It was at the doctor that I had learnt of several other procedures that would enhance my looks.  More on this further down.

Here's a pic of how I looked before and after the Chin Augmentation.  Note the eyes and the nose shape too.  Wow I really looked like the Neanderthal Man.  HAHA!!!  So even if the surgery was a botched job, how much worse could it get?  Neanderthal Man is DAMN UGLY MAX!!!!!!  Lol

Before surgery                                            After surgery

Vaser Liposelection (Singapore)

At that time, I felt very fat (I was 50kg as compared to my normal 42kg: all girls know that if you feel fat within, nothing anyone says can change what you feel).  I had tried dieting and exercising but back then it didn't reduce my weight much.  Being stupid and blinded by my fats, I saw a certain clinic in Singapore that offered a procedure called Vaser Liposelection (it works like liposuction) so I thought it would be a quick fix to my fat problem.  I had 1 litre of fat removed from my thighs and arms but BOY, this is the WORST operation ever!!!!!!  I'll explain in details in a separate post.  I really won't encourage anyone to go for this procedure at the wrong doctor.

Breast Augmentation (Singapore)

I have very broad shoulders because I swam a lot when I was younger.  This resulted in a very "V" shaped figure which may be good for guys, but it certainly isn't very attractive for a girl!  I didn't want people to think I was a tranny with my V shaped figure!  Hahahahahah

So, after some reading and recommendations from a top plastic surgeon (this one is local), I realised that the way to make my body look more proportionate is to get breast implants.  Obviously, there isn't a surgery to make the shoulder width more narrow.  Hahahahaa

I increased from a 32A to 34C and now, my shoulders appear a lot more narrow and lady-like.

Otoplasty - Ears (Korea)

I had a problem of "Minnie Mouse Ears", which wasn't too much of a deal since I am a girl and I have long hair to cover those problematic ears, but I thought that I should be done with them once and for all.  Furthermore, my Korean doctor was intending to use my ear cartilage as the basis for my nose implant (this procedure to my knowledge is not available in Singapore), so it would have been "on the way" to do the ears.  Haha!  More on the nose...

Rhinoplasty - Nose (Korea)

My nose wasn't ugly to begin with, I just didn't like the shape.  It was concave, and I felt that it would look better convex.  Upon consulting the doctor, I now know in medical terms why I felt that a convex shape would be nicer; I was lacking a nose bridge!  It sounded very funny the first time I heard it.  Like I'm lacking half a brain or something.  HAHAHA

The nose surgery, while simple, has in fact the most complications that can occur; I've already gone for one re-adjustment, and probably will have to go for another.  Look out for my post on this.

My Eyes (Korea)

The procedures I did on my eyes are Epicanthoplasty, which lengths the inside of the eye (the part closer to the nose), Lateral Canthoplasty (which lengths the outside of the eye) and Double Eyelid Surgery.  I already had double eyelids to begin with, I just wanted them to be really high, like the Caucasians!

This conversation with the Korean doctor was really depressing.  He said "Your eyes have a severe Mongolian fold."  I was like OMG!!!!! I LOOK MONGOLIAN??? HOW CAN????

Hahahahah!!  Later I found out that this was the medical term for the slant on the inside of the eye that most Asians have.  I had to fix it in order to make my eyes look bigger.

Zygoma Reduction (Korea)

The Zygoma refers to the sides of your face (the sides of your cheekbones).  I wanted to make my eyes even bigger like an alien (I always wanted to look like those Anime characters whereby the whole face is 50% covered with the eyes hahahaha yes I know you all think it's ugly but I like it and I want to be MY version of pretty not your interpretation of pretty!) and I told my doctor this but he said it's impossible.  So sad =((((

He said my eyes were already extended to the limit and the only way to make it appear any bigger was of course to make my face smaller!  So I underwent Zygoma Reduction which made my face a whole lot (ok apparently in medical terms 1.5cm is 'a whole lot') smaller!

Below you can see a front view and a side view of my face before I had any work done. 

Here you can see a side view and front view of after having work done to my face.  My braces have since been removed too.

So that's all the procedures that I have done (for now).  I'm not happy nor perfect yet, as my nose implant is still a little big (I'm going to get that re-adjusted smaller), and my eyes are not completely the same size (the right is slightly larger than the left, like 1mm difference hahaha).

I won't say I'm addicted, I think I'm seeking perfection.  My theory is, I've already gone through so much pain, bleeding and swelling, so why should I settle for anything less than what I set out to achieve?

If you hate me and think I'm a plastic bitch, I don't deny it.  I am plastic; I wasn't born a natural beauty or naturally skinny or have natural clear, fair skin.  I have to make so much effort to go for skin treatments, to starve so that I can slim down, to mask my face every day so as to preserve my youth or whatever that's left of it.  I have to make so much effort to choose what to wear or mix and match my clothes properly, to go to my doctor for regular botox jabs, or simply to just look the best that I can look.  I am not insecure or face low self-esteem, I don't want to please others, and I certainly don't care what others think.  I am plastic, and proud of it.

Going for plastic surgery is as normal as going for IPL Hair Removal / a brazillian wax / drawing eyebrows / putting make-up on.  All these are procedures we have to do because we aren't naturally born with hairless pubes / armpits / etc, and in the same way, we aren't born with the perfect eyes or nose.  I can choose to live with my natural eyes as much as I can choose to walk around without shaving my underarms.  Ok that's disgusting haha.  But you get my point.  Few things left in this world are natural; the food you eat is lined with growth hormones, vegetables are covered with pesticide, and the only thing vaguely natural is organic food, which few people consume anyway.  So, the only thing that makes it "unnatural" is our cynical view of each others' actions. 

I had some emails questioning my motive of posting a semi-nude picture earlier in my blog, and I think that I'm not afraid to bare it because I've worked so hard and spent so much time and effort on this thing that is my body, and I'm showing what hard work can do for everyone; don't go hating me just because you don't have what I have, because you didn't work as hard as I did.  Few of us have the lucky stars to be born with it; most of us aren't.  Turn that hatred into hard work and determination, and you can be anything or anyone that you want to be.

It's so true that after all the bullshit life throws at us, all we are seeking is just to please ourselves, the person we see in the mirror every day.

Again, if you are thinking of undergoing plastic surgery yourself, you can email me and I would be glad to give you pointers on how to de-swell, what type of scar gel is the most effective, how to recover as painlessly as possible etc etc... or if you have other plastic surgery queries, I would be glad to be of help.  

When I had decided to go for the surgeries, I had no one to ask as most people do not want to reveal that they had some nips and tucks.  Even forums aren't able to provide in-depth details such as before-after pictures, or descriptions of the pain.  I really wanted to know in depth because HELLO I'M THE ONE GETTING CUT UP, I WANT TO KNOW WHAT I'M IN FOR!!  

My friends whom I had asked had not undergone extensive surgeries like me, but most only had a nose job or two, or a chin implant or bone shaving of the chin or double eyelid operations.  So ask me anything, I'll do my best to reply you =)

My email is jacquelineangelicious@gmail.com


WORDS said...

hey babe, you are super brave and you are super pretty now! heehee. your plastic surgery makes me feel you are a lot braver than other girls, as not everyone has the courage to undergo surgery! all the best in everything you do! :)

Jacqueline said...

thank you :)))) still lots of work to do!

keLiCious said...

"Salute" you really make a lot of effort to reach your perfect image!!! I hope i got 1/3 of your spirit..!! 1/3 of your courage!!! =)

Jacqueline said...

Jia you to become beautiful babe!!!! =)))

Anonymous said...

Honestly, this post made me see you in a whole different view. This post was so honest and fearless. You looked gorgeous before all the work done but it was your choice and I respect it. Looking forward to more posts!

Jacqueline said...

Thanks nitasin. =))))

BlueBell said...

Love this post. It's very motivational to me to do the best i can to improve my looks. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I think I love you even more now haha. You are so open and courageous! Love from Melbourne :)

Jacqueline said...

Bluebell : Thank you Bluebell... =)))) Jia YOU and be the most beautiful you can be ok!!! Even if its just masking your face / applying lotions on your face and body! Every little bit counts. =D

Lieanblah : Huggies babe!!! I cho love you too! lol... =))))

Katherine said...

I applaud you for your bravery for sharing to the world what you know even if you don't have to! I support you! Brave girl! You are so generous!

Katherine said...

Your BF's really nice to let you do surgery too! :D

Jacqueline said...

Thanks katherine. =D

tales-memory.blogspot.com said...

Omg I think I admire you even more now. At first when I first read you blog and saw the photos which you posted, I was amazed at how perfect and chio you looked. Big dolly-like eyes, sharp nose with a high nose bridge, small face and a sharp chin ♥ but now after reading your post that you've admitted being a plastic, however, I think that now I applaud even more for what you've achieved to become :-) Although many might say that you're plastic or what's not, but still the effort, time and money which you've committed to become perfect cannot be neglected too. I'm really glad that you took the time and effort to share the things which you've gone through for perhaps ignorant people like myself will consider twice before deciding to go under the knife. Similarly, I was not born perfect either. Small eyes, single eyelids, button nose, unshaped eyebrows, etc. And well, I'm only 16 this year, and have been desperately reading several blogs on how to improve my looks. My biggest dissatisfaction has been my single eyelids and have been applying double eyelid glue everyday, to school, before I sleep, practically always. Therefore maybe I'd like to email and consult you about double eyelid surgery.
Ps thanks for sharing this post, advid reader of your blog too ♥
~ soph

I V Y said...

Hi Jacqueline, thank you so much for this entry! It's so informative and you are so brave! It's not wrong to want to achieve the perfect you. Just that some others can't accept.can I ask how do you slim down? Been trying for so long and I lost only 2kg.. So (⌣́_⌣̀). Looking forward to your reply. :)

Jacqueline said...

Tales-memory : Hi babe, email to me to find out more. But because of your age, you are not suitable till you reach 21 after your features are "fixed" and not changing anymore. I wouldn't advise you to do anything except to eat healthy, apply your skin care regime like pimple cream / toner / sunblock! Occasionally slap on some masks for whitening or detoxing or clarifying your skin. =))) Thanks for reading my blog. I appreciate it. =))

Jacqueline said...

I V Y : Hi babe, to slim down fast read this post : http://www.babelicious-me.com/2011/08/3-simple-steps-to-losing-weight.html

Actually I lost about 9-10kg in 2 weeks from just detoxing and doing light exercises and of cos my secret weapon la. lol.. =) JIA YOU!!!! you can do it too babe!!!!!

JH said...

Hi there,

I did the breast surgery 2years ago. But it was not good as I expected. Hence, where did you do your breast augmentation?

Thank you lots for your advice ^^


Jacqueline said...

JH : Hi JH please email to me at jacquelineangelicious@gmail.com so that I can provide you with the details. =)))))

paulina said...

hi jacqueline, does botox make the face slimmer after one session for the clinic u do? Does nose filler create sharper nose too? thanks!

Jacqueline said...

Hi Paulina,

Many clinics offer botox to slim down your face in one session and nose filler to create a sharper nose.

However, these methods are temporary. You would need to do a refill every 6-8months and for some 1-2years.


I would recommend TCS clinic as I do my fillers and botox there. =)

Jacqueline said...

Hi Paulina,

Many clinics offer botox to slim down your face in one session and nose filler to create a sharper nose.

However, these methods are temporary. You would need to do a refill every 6-8months and for some 1-2years.


I would recommend TCS clinic as I do my fillers and botox there. =)

Jacqueline said...

Hi Paulina,

Many clinics offer botox to slim down your face in one session and nose filler to create a sharper nose.

However, these methods are temporary. You would need to do a refill every 6-8months and for some 1-2years.


I would recommend TCS clinic as I do my fillers and botox there. =)

Jacqueline said...

Hi Paulina,

Many clinics offer botox to slim down your face in one session and nose filler to create a sharper nose.

However, these methods are temporary. You would need to do a refill every 6-8months and for some 1-2years.


I would recommend TCS clinic as I do my fillers and botox there. =)

KIM said...

It would be perfect if you continue to wear orthodontic brace about 1 year then starting using retainer, cause you still have slight overbite. I don't know if you'd had 3rd molar removed or not.Just my 2 cents...

Jacqueline Angelicious said...

Hi Kim

My overbite is because of my gums not my teeth. The way my gums are they are protruded pushing against my lips.

My teeth are straight already and I am wearing retainers. =)

Thanks for the feedback though =)

Winnie Tan said...

Hi, do you happen to know any cheap(er) and reliable doctors doing cheek fat reduction in sg? Whether it's buccal fat reduction or vaser on the face. Would love to hear your recommendations!

Lily Dane said...

I just recently discovered your blog and you are really such an inspiration to people who are not born beautiful. I know people say we must accept who we are and what's in the inside matters most but apparently we live in a materialistic world and being beautiful also means having a pretty face. I really admire you and your efforts. Show the world that you can achieve your epitome of being perfect. God bless! ;)

Btw. Can you share to me your secret of having pale skin? :)

Soyeon EXO-ShiDae said...

omg i only see this now. Well I am 14 but I am not really happy abt my small eyes, big nose, single eyelids and also my crooked teeth. URGH just too much ugliness. I think you are extremely brave like KwangHee from ZE:A who also confess all his face is plastic. How do you even have the courage to do everything. I dont even have the courage to get braces. BAHAHAHAHA I sincerely SALUTE you!!!

Leo Leo said...

firstly thanks for sharing! got a question for you that I hope you can answer.

do you think that breast fillers will do the job instead of breast augmentation?

Jacqueline Angelicious said...

Hi Leo leo,

Breast fillers are not permanent so you need to refill them every 9-12 months depending on how fast your body reabsorbs the fillers. Breast augmentation is permanent.

You can consider fat transfer -- whereby your own body fats are used to reshape your breast.

I did not do that because for fat grafting, your body will also reabsorb the fats at a slower rate than fillers. And it is not known where the fats when absorbed would go to.

Shayne Chng said...

Hi, thank you for sharing your before and after thoughts.

1. I am a male thinking of gng for rhinoplasty surgery, wondering how complicated it exactly is based on what you have stated in the post.

2. How was the procedure like, such as LA or just sedatives? does it hurt at all before, during and after?

3. How much does it costs for a rhinoplasty surgery in Seoul (visiting in october)

P/s: you look great now

Mary Plu said...

Everytime i talk about plastic surgery with my friends they look at me like im crazy, or post smth at facebook...but i have this willing since i was a teenager..unfortunately i was never rich and i live in a place that doesn't help neither. But im almost there. I want to do this for me, with my money, and one day do a post helping others as well. A lot of people have this wish, and lots of questions. So i thank you for all your posts and recommendations! Wish you the best! and you look amazing ^^v Ill write to you to see if i can take the name of the hospital in korea. kisses =)