Here is my next post on the Plastic Baby series, dealing on how to recover quickly (a major must-know especially for you working ladies!)

So as everyone already knows by now, you usually won't be completely perfect after the first surgery.  That was the same for me!  After my first surgery, I was completely recovered, but I noticed several things that weren't perfect for me.

My eyes weren't exactly the same shape, my nose bridge was too high, and my chin was a little too big.  These were the issues I wanted to address, and my surgeon was pleased to offer me a free revision (that is why it is so important to pick a good and responsible surgeon). 

So back it was to Korea, where I stayed another 10 days.  Having already gone through the surgeries once, I was more prepared for what was to come, and I took special preparations to ensure the quickest recovery (I hated the recovery period as to me, not being able to go out / looking swollen was the worst of it all).  Here is a list of what I did to prepare myself.

While I'm not sure if this works for everyone, it certainly worked for me!  Apparently pineapple releases some kind of thing in your body that enhances cell rejuvenation and helps heal your wounds faster.  So, about 2 weeks before the trip to Korea, I had most of my diet being pineapple and drank pineapple juice every day.

Like pineapple, manuka honey is a naturally occuring healer... If such a term exists HAHA!  But my research had shown that this is also a good way to make your body promote healing, so I mixed manuka honey with water and drank it every morning.

There's a really good medicine called SINEECH which not every doctor prescribes, but you can ask for it!  It is meant for massive trauma where it helps the body reduce swelling and promotes recovery, which is perfect in my opinion.  For painkillers, an excellent one that I consumed is called ARCOXIA, which did wonders, but PLEASE CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR.  I AM NOT A DOCTOR AND I CAN ONLY TELL YOU WHAT MEDICINE I HAD TAKEN, IT DOESN'T MEAN I CAN PRESCRIBE IT TO YOU

I have tried many types of scar gel and I found that the best is called Kelo-cote, but so far I've only been able to find it in Korea and not in Singapore.  If anyone is interested in this scar gel, do let me know, we could do a bulk order or something!  It has helped me get rid of all my surgery scars!

So.. goes the surgery!  Re-did my nose implant to make my nose bridge a little lower, reshaped my chin to become a "v" shape, and made my zygoma smaller.  The doctor also did some adjustments to my eyes to ensure that they are the same length.

The result... A FAT PIG hahaahaha

4 hours after the operation
Absolutely No Photoshop!

Here you can see me 4 hours after the operation!  I was not supposed to be eating or drinking but I felt so GREEDY and I was caught on camera munching away on a Korean chocolate snack.  LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THE FACE!!!  QUICK LAUGH COS THIS IS REALLY A DAMN FUNNY PIC!!!!!

Day 2
Absolutely No Photoshop!

This is me being naughty (I am not supposed to remove the headband as it supposedly helps contain the swelling).  I am still looking like a pig, but I'm already out and shopping in Korea!

Day 5
Absolutely No Photoshop!

This is day 5, you can see that the swelling has already reduced greatly and my eyes are of the same shape now (thankfully!)  

Day 7
Absolutely No Photoshop!

Exactly 1 week after the operation!  There's a little blood in my eye due to a burst blood vessel (it is caused by the pressure of the swelling from the zygoma reduction operation) but otherwise the swelling has gone down nicely!  I had since removed the brace for the nose and the head, but the chin is still noticeably swollen.  Still looking like a ghost!

1 Month
(those stuff under my eyes are eye masks, they help me get rid of eyebags haha)
Minor Photoshop!

1month++ after the operation.
Absolutely No Photoshop!

This picture was taken exactly 1 month after the operation.  A huge success in terms of swell reduction compared to my first surgery!!  Although it's still swollen, it's definitely not so noticeable to the naked and untrained eye ;) so the "natural" recovery food does work!

4 Months after the 2nd revision:

Daily Dressing - 27th Sept 2011
High Waist pink shorts + Translucent black top from THEBLOGSHOP,
Louboutin Heels
Hair extensions from ANGELXIN

And there you go!  This is the 4th month since my revision and I am seeing the swelling continuing to go down every day =) Be patient and continue on the recovery diet!  Don't get discouraged, it -really- does take 6 months for results to show through!

A piece of good news to share: a magazine publication will be covering my surgery procedures in detail!  Will update as more news comes!

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I'm sorry if I replied too slowly as the influx of emails is quite alot. Also, I always try to reply in details so that I can be of help to each and everyone of you. =) Be patient k! I'll definitely reply every single email. =)


Cassandra said...

hi babe,may i ask what does the scar gel does? i know i might sound a little dumb or pretty stupid about this question,but does the scar gel repairs pimple scars? like when we squeeze it and it drys out thus leaving a brown spot? and mosquitoes bites plus cuts too. idk why, but the mosquitoes love me very much,and always bite me when i was young even now,thus i have lots of brown spots on my hands and legs. though faded quite a lot,but it's like,there're spots if see near. i'm consider quite a fair person, definitely not as fair as u,bcz u look fair in photos, but i'm more a yellowish/fair in photos,so do u think it'll fade them? also,will it be pricey? because i'm still schooling for my diploma,thus if it really works i'll save up money to buy it.(:
also,any tips on becoming mad fair like u?
sorry if i seem naggy or etc,but i really need help for the spots on my face. i feel pretty ashamed when i walk out with bf and i look ugly,plus idk how to make,i hope u'll help me(:

Jacqueline said...

Hi babe, for pimple scars I got a better recommendation. =) This scar gel is for surgery scars / keloids.

My skin is v nice because I undergo laser treatments and I use another scar gel once I pop my own pimples. =))

email me babe! I send details and pics to you!

NitaSin said...

You have major balls posting these pictures up. I have the utmost respect for you. Thank you so much for sharing.

Stephanie said...

I was looking forward to more posts from you! Love reading about the surgeries you underwent, you are brave and thanks for sharing Jacqueline!

Jacqueline said...

NitaSin : Thanks babe for your comments. =)

Stephanie : Gald you enjoyed reading babe! =))) More coming soon, videos included. =)

Pingping said...

I'm very awed at your courage to come out in the open, in this age and society. I'm sure you would inspire others with your courage. I support you :)

Thanks for sharing :)

Tina said...

Wow, your face swollen doesn't even look real! Looks like a cartoon! Looks so painful I'm surprised you were able to sneak a chocolate bar! lol

chocolala said...

Jaq dear u absolutely look gorgeous! very uljang! ^^ may i know who did ur mandible reduction surgery\? i had a rhino done in 2006 and epi+double eyelid last june both at shimmian (dr.jung) and planning to get a v-line+mandible/zygoma reduction next year. but the procedure seems very evasive n painful :( may i know how the doc cut ur bone. Through inside mouth incision or outside? would really appreciate ur info and help! thank you! gumawo ^^

Jacqueline said...

Hi babe, I did not do Vline but I did zygoma, incision is inside the mouth, no external scarring at all. =) recovery was vvvv fast also. Not painful at all, i was on GA + painkillers every 24 hrs after the operation. =)

Thank you for your compliments... CHO HAPPY! =D

Charlene C said...

Hi Jacqueline,

May I know the type of pimple scar gel that you use?

And the scar gel that is for surgery scars and keloids, do you think it'll work on a long line of leg scar due to surgery?

Kindly advise :)

unpopularlooser said...

Swollen face is NOT funny and I am not laughing!

I felt so painful after looking it.

and it is not pig face! don't say that!

Question: Zygoma is permanent?


Cole Tan said...

Hi babe. Would like to know the scar gel you used. Do email me. Thanks!