As you all already know, I had undergone my face surgeries all in Korea.  Today, I would be telling you about my 1st Korea trip which occured in August 2010.  I was informed after the surgery that I would be swollen for at least 6 months.  The swell will entirely go away after the 6th month or so.

I stayed in Korea for 10 days in total.  The first few days, I visited many different plastic surgeons at many different clinics.  If you guys don't already know, the plastic surgery street in Korea is called Kangnam street.  The entire 6-8 rows of shophouses are full of plastic surgeons and their clinics and/or operating theatres.  Upon arrival at every plastic surgeon's reception area, one can see about 10 people.  Some were bandaged, others were about to become bandaged (going to undergo the surgery =p) and yet others like me were "shopping" for the right plastic surgeon.

What I deem as right might be wrong to you, so ensure you take everything I say with a pinch of salt.  Make the decision for yourself, because it is your own face!  So here are a few tips on what to look out for:

When "shopping" for your plastic surgeon whether in Singapore or Korea, always look out for referrals.  For me, I striked a conversation with almost every patient in the reception area so that I can understand what they felt, how was their operation, was it a revision or this was their first time, how they knew of this doctor etc etc etc.  Some were very open about sharing esp. Asians living in USA / Australia / Europe countries.  Others, usually Koreans, were shy and unwilling to share, maybe because of the language barrier we had too. { I cannot speak Korean except for the word : 간장 Kang gent  (Soya sauce) and 안녕하세요 AH NEO NI HO SAY BO (Hello). }

I know la, I am very daring, fly all the way to Korea and cannot speak one normal sentence still dare to cut my face. Bo pian, for the sake of vanity, anything is also possible. wahahahhaha =p

When consulting the plastic surgeons face to face, I had my list of questions in my hand.  I would ask him from my list and tick off / write down his replies.  I would also ask him for recommendations on what types of surgeries I should do. (If the surgeon is too pushy,  I will be turned off as I would feel that the surgeon is in for the $$ only and wouldn't be bothered with my feelings.)

After consulting all the plastic surgeons which you have shortlisted, call them and ask if their schedule is able to accommodate the surgery that you would like.  In Korea, because it is so common for most of the ladies and men to undergo the knife, the doctors are very well-versed in the surgery incisions.  A double eye lid surgery + lateral would take about 10-15mins and a nose job generally would be about 15-30mins.  The implant is usually shaped beforehand when the doctor takes measurements.

USUALLY you are able to undergo the surgeries the very next day after you have called the doctor.  Yup, that's how efficient they are.

After various calls and enquiries, I finally decided on a doctor.  Please note that not every doctor is right for everyone, so it is always recommended to ensure that your research is full and complete.  I made my appointments to have my otoplasty / epi anthoplasty / lateral canthoplasty / double eyelids / nose done.  Upon arrival, I was given the hospital / clinic robe to wear and I became nervous all of a sudden.  My friend went in to get hers done first, half way, I heard her screaming; hmmmm make that shrieking.  LOL... she came out of the operating theatre laughing because she screamed because she had wanted to pee just before the doctor gave her GA. -_-''''' I am naturally paranoid and would always think the worst for any scenario!  Her screams made me pretty stressed up.  While she got her new nose, I was outside biting my fingers. hahahhha... The nurse would also come and put you on a drip 15-20mins before the doctor is ready to start on your operation.

After my friend was done and transferred to the resting room, it was my turn..... I went in like this :

OK la ok la.... I didn't wear make-up when I went into the operating theatre but you all
just GEI SIAO never see ok!!!  This is the last pic of me with make-up with my
old face.  Bye babygirl, I will NOT miss you. LOL.... =p

Ok, during the operation, the doctor injected me with sedative, also called "twilight".  I felt like I was dreaming but the dreams I had were very lucid.  I could clearly hear what the doctor was saying but I couldn't understand because he was speaking Korean.  He gave me an LA on my ears next.  My doctor started on my otoplasty first.  He cut off a part of my ear cartilage from each ear and kept it aside because he is a HOARDER. lol... No no because he would be using my own ear cartilage to build part of my nose. I'm not sure which part ok, so now part of my ear is in my nose.

6. KO
After both my ears were done and stitched up, the doctor asked me to turn over and lie on my back.  I remembered feeling that the operation room's lights were very very bright.  The doctor injected me with LA into my eye area.  THIS JAB WAS MOTHERF&*KING PAINFUL... I whimpered and I remembered thinking to myself, "This time is confirm die liao!  The LA already so painful, the operation confirm worse!" The doctor took a marking pencil to mark the lines for his incisions and I started becoming a DRAMA queen, I kept screaming "very very painful".  I raised my arm and tried to grab the doctor's hand.  WTF RIGHT i know! lol... And the doctor started laughing and reassured me that everything is fine.  He is not even using the scalpel yet.  He is just marking the lines of incision. -_-"""" Super embarassing moment!  The nurse had to hold my hands and pat me and told me: "Don't worry, it'll be over before you know it."  The eye operation consists of 3 procedures as I mentioned before : epicanthoplasty / medial epicanthus that makes the front of the eye nearer to the nose OPEN up.

Source: Wikipedia

Double eyelids, I chose Parallel ones. My origin double eyelids was tapered.  Here is a pic I koped from a Hong Kong plastic surgery website.  Plastic surgery is a global phenomenon now and if you don't keep up with the times (by that I mean to accept that everyone has the freedom to choose to undergo the knife or not) then you would be left behind.  You don't need to also advocate plastic surgery, you simply need to be indifferent to it. =) 

Lateral canthoplasty:  the doctor extended my eye by 1mm. -_-'''' Here is a picture of someone's eye that did epi and lateral. Look at the incision of epi, it is normally shaped in a 'Z'.

After the doctor was done with my eyes, the anesthesiologist gave me GA and I fell asleep.  In my sleep, I saw yellow lumps of fat, I felt like a dead carcass in a factory line and every carcass that passes through this factory line gets the same face.  If you undergo plastic surgery, you tend to look somewhat similar to someone else who also went for epi/ lateral / double eyelids / nose, I mean there would be differences of course but generally, you'll look SOMEWHAT similiar.  Not that I minded because all I wanted was to look more beautiful.

After about what felt like hours, I woke up from my dreamy state and looked around me.  I was transferred to the resting ward already.  Only about 1 hour had passed. "Not bad, quite fast."  I remembered thinking to myself.  My nose job the incision was at the columella.  Ok you go and google yourself and see the pics ok?  I tried googling and wah SUPER GROSS. 

For me, my nose is partially my own ear cartilage and I also had a gortex implant to 'build' myself a nose bridge.  There are a few times of implants available : medpor / gortex / silicon.  My surgeon told me that gortex has a lower chance of getting an infection 5-10years down the road as compared to silicon.  And he also said that medpor was a very new product in the market so it might not be as stable yet.  This was his own personal professional advice to me.  Before the surgery, I had already done my research on the different type of implants and I too felt that gortex was more suitable for me.  I'm in no way saying that silicon / medpor is not good, I just felt that gortex was more suitable for me.  It is also up to you or your surgeon to choose the right type of implant for you.

I actually wanted the chin implant but because I still had braces on, I was somewhat reluctant to undergo the chin implant while having braces.  The doctor told me to go back to my hotel and think about the chin before deciding.  The hotel we stayed at had a chauffeur service whereby they would pick us from the clinic / hospital back to hotel and from hotel to clinic / hospital.  I have not seen the mirror yet but I felt very ugly and swollen. 

Upon reaching back to the hotel, I looked into the mirror and immediately had 1000000 complaints about my face.  "Why is my face so swollen?"  "I look more like a pig and less like a human."  "Why are my eyes so bruised and bloody and the nose so HUGE????!!!!!!!!! Bigger than before by 5x at least!"  FML!  I felt "cheated" and depressed about my swollen face.  So, I decided that an additional procedure for the chin couldn't possibly make me look any worse.  LOL.  The next day, I went back to the doctor to change my bandages and I told the doctor that I would undergo the chin implant too.  The doctor was able to do the chin implant surgery for me the next day. 

Chin implant corrected my mouth protrusion and I also chose gortex for my chin implant.  You can choose the shape you want too, square, V, round, U.  I choose the U but slightly sharper tip because I wanted a CUTE look.  My chin implant incision was done from INSIDE MY MOUTH, and the stitches were dissolvable therefore I did not need to remove that stitch at all.  I had to gargle my mouth everyday for at least 2 weeks to ensure that the sutures are kept clean and disinfected. (YAYAYA, I'm vvv OCD. hahaha =p)  I totally regretted my decision to take a U shape implant with a sharper tip though.  I should have undergone a chin filler session before embarking on the implant because then I would be able to gauge the shape and size of the implant better.  After the surgery, I hated my chin, I felt that it has a life of its own. lol... That is why I decided to go for a chin revision - that story is left for another time. 

I didn't take many pics up close because I felt ugly and suicidal.  But my friend who went with me kept encouraging me, telling me that I would become super chio after all the swelling and the bruises are gone.  If you do intend to undergo surgery, do go with a friend.  You can then be able to encourage and take care of each other + it wouldn't be so boring. =)

Immediately after the operation. 
PIG HEAD!!!!!! =p Look at how swollen my cheeks and nose and eyes and chin are. 
The band round my head was used to secure my ears after otoplasty.
After 1 week of consistent wearing it, I do not need it anymore.
No photoshop at all.

10 days after the operation. 
Stitches were removed. Bruises and swell is still very bad.
Almost not able to see my eyes at all.
No photoshop at all.

1 month after the operation.
(PARDON THE typo below please.)
Bruises turned yellowish and the swell is still quite bad.
Face was puffy and I had water retention.
No photoshop at all.

1.5 to 2 months after the operation.
You can obviously see why I needed a revision here.
My left eye is much bigger than my right eye.  The tip of my nose is not well defined.
The shape of my chin SUCKS!!!!!  So please people, go for chin fillers first to decide the volume and
shape that you would like before making it permanent.
No photoshop at all.

3 months after the operation. 
I could go out as per normal and not look like a freakshow.
I could apply make-up, but I had to be gentle cleansing the make-up off.
No photoshop at all.

After total recovery and before my revision.....
5 months after the operation.
No photoshop at all.

8 months after the operation.
100% photoshopped.
 35 Haji Lane Tel: 63966170
Twisty hair day.
Mustard Balenciagia Velo; Greenish grey contact lens; Lancome teint miracle; Eyelash extension.

I wanted to write about how to recover ASAP and also what to do for your scars but, I'll stop here for now and leave those 2 topics for another day. =) 

Again, you can feel free to email if you have queries, I would reply you to the best of my knowledge. You can also email me if you are a guy, I have seen quite a few men undergo the knife and they turned out HUNKILICIOUS! =) 

My email :

I'm sorry if I replied too slowly as the influx of emails is quite alot. Also, I always try to reply in details so that I can be of help to each and everyone of you. =) Be patient k! I'll definitely reply every single email. =)


Crystal Dollies said...

Are you becoming a full time blogger?How about your accessories?Are you still designing?

Crystal Dollies said...

About the eyes that widen,will it become smaller as the age catch up?

Jacqueline said...

No I am not a blogger. A blogger is someone who pays particular attention to their blogs and updates their blog frequently. However, for me, I would just be providing information about how other woman can become as beautiful or more beautiful than me. I would just say that my site would be an "information hub" based on my personal experiences.

Yes I am still designing accessories but currently I wholesale to the USA / Australia markets more than launching it in singapore. However, my line of works can still be found at
THEBLOGSHOP 35 HAJI LANE and THEBLOGSHOP far east plazs #03-93.

Your eyes would 100% sag / droop / swell etc as you age. It doesn't matter whether you undergo and operation or not, when once reaches say 45 and above, the elasticity of one's skin is no longer there. But it can be mended by going for a face lift and /or always regularly going for ipls / radio frequency / ulthera to tighten your skin. I am actually not as youthful as most make me out to be. However because I undergo IPL / RF every once a month, my skin is glowy and supple. I feel that for a woman, it's all about knowing how to maintain and delay your aging process.

Also, you can consider going for this : Placenta Jabs
They help to renew your organs and cells from inside your body so that your youthfulness can radiate from the inside. =)

Thank u for reading my blog. =)

Anonymous said...

really admire your courage for being so honest about all your procedures!

also, is it too inappropriate or personal if you included the price of all the various procedures? As much as one shouldnt scrimp on getting the best surgeon, I think thats a rather impt factor when people consider plastic.

once again, most imformative blog ive seen about plastic surgery and really appreciate how open you are about it!

ignore lame criticisms of those who call you fake(if any)- as long as youre happy, thats all that matters. ;)

Jacqueline said...

hi babe, thank you for your feedback. I do not write the price / surgeons in details because at this moment ( when this post is posted ) my face is still not perfect. I would not want to recommend the wrong procedures to the 'wrong' people and create a sense of false hope. =)

However, when anyone emails to me, I would reply with greater details as to which surgeon has been tried and tested. =)

Kat-tun said...

Hey, which surgeon did you go to? And was the eye jab really that painfuL?

Jacqueline said...

Hi babe, please email to =)

unpopularlooser said...
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unpopularlooser said...
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unpopularlooser said...

hi! hi!

I accidentally chance upon you website while looking for information and plastic surgeons...

I would like to say this, to hell to those lying 2-face hypocrites! Who either did plastic and won't admit, choose to hide and follow the others; or did not do plastic but keep insulting at those who want to do. Also, to those pretentious, high and mighty men (married especially, who have nothing better to do (cos can't do due to wife), hide behind their keyboard and unmarried ones) who CLAIMED that plastic is fake and unnatural yet orgle at women who did it after that.

Ok enough ranting, now, I wwould appreciate if you could provide me with some information on where you go for what you did on your nose, eyes and maintenance of skin. both in Korea and Singapore, which clinics you go as well as which product is better; and of course some pricing guidelines. I intend to go actually.

I only lived once! I am the one looking at my face daily...I'd like it to look better and better.. and that's not low self esteem! its simply persistent, consistent and self improvement of oneself! :o)

do I also write to this email account ?

many thks!

KIM said...

in your picture of 1.5 to 2 months after the operation.

I don't see anything wrong with your chin and eyes, it looks well proportioned with your overall face. You looks like Ivy (korean singer) there.

Qwerty said...

Hi, I thinking of going to korea to my nose n eyes too. And is currently doing some research. Many I know the price tat u pay? I just like to hv a rough idea of how much it would cost. You can email me at

Thank you

Elina Mark said...

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Hermione Granger said...

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Soniya Mishra said...

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