Flings are all good and fun but there will be a time when you find someone that you get serious with.. Are things really "happily ever after"....?

Sometimes, life gets boring when you're in a long-term and committed relationship.  When the initial spark of thrill and adventure blows over, and the kisses don't feel as electrifying as the first one anymore, what happens then?

After the first wave of romance, all relationships will (100% for sure) lose their sparkle and passion.

It takes both parties to ensure that this long-term relationship works out, or it will quickly turn out to both of you becoming strangers, and bigger problems will then surface.

Here's some recommendations from me - but I'm only going to talk about it from the girl's perspective, because I'm a girl after all ;)

Cut Your Electricity. 
No, not literally.  Just imagine that it is.  Turn off your TV, radio, and lights.  Put on some candles, and it becomes just you and your partner.  Have a conversation without distractions.

Make Him Feel Good.
From time to time, give him some sincere compliments.  Let him know that you are proud to have him and how happy you are at his achievements, no matter how minor they are.  Tell him he looks good in his new shirt, and that those difficult physical exercise really paid off.  He'll become like a little boy, and when you see that smile from ear to ear, you can't help but feel endearing towards him again.

Edit Your Appearance.
Go pink like Xiaxue!  LOL... not everyone can carry it off like her.  But you could just give your hair a different color, or go to a spa and get a mini-make-over!  Even better, go to a clinic, get some Botox or other miscellaneous treatments done to improve your look.  Your man will instantly be attracted to this "new" version of you!  Then.. make him chase you all over again ;) 

Plan a Date.
Make an itinerary of places where you've dated each other before.  Have great fun remembering the order of your dates, and then re-live your romance by visiting each of these places all over again!

Buy new lingerie and flaunt it to him.
Do you remember how you guys couldn't keep your hands off each other at the start?  Try to make that passion happen again by getting some new, sexy lingerie, and flaunt your curves in a sensual, erotic way.

All women must have lingeries in their cupboards. For me, my favourite brands are : KOOSHI, VICTORIA SECRETS and LA SENZA.

Here are the following types of lingerie that all girls / ladies / women must have!!!!  Just some ideas from me :)

A Babydoll
Black Babydoll from Victoria Secrets. 

Babydolls fully expose your legs, and some styles emphasize or deliberately expose the breasts as well. The babydoll is often sold as a set with matching panties or G-strings or thongs, and are usually translucent.

A KAWAII Nightgown
Pink polka dotted nightgown from KOOSHI.

A kawaii nightgown is a must have to look and feel young. LOL... It should be colorful, made from cotton with some lace trimmings.

A Cami top with boy shorts 
Mint with lace trimmings cami top with 
scallop hemmed boy shorts from KOOSHI.

A cami top and boy shorts set is usually made from Lycra or nylon + spandex. My 
favourite type of sleepwear just because you can still sit cross-legged! ;)

A SEXY slip
This nude and black slip is from KOOSHI's "I Do" range. 
Perfect to renew your "wedding vows".

A slip usually has a very flattering cut, you can hide all your lovehandles and whatnots easily. I would usually choose a slip with minor lace details so that I can wear it even just to perk myself up!

A Robe
White silk chiffon robe from KOOSHI.

A loose-fitting outer garment with sleeves.  Typically worn before or after a bath to keep warm, or even for comfort during a lazy day at home.

Kooshi Flagship Store Mandarin Gallery

333 Orchard Road #03-25
Tel:(65) 6235 7982
Opening hours: 11am to 9pm (Sun to Thu)
and 11am to 9.30pm (Fri, Sat and eve of Public Holidays)

I hope all you readers will have a fantastic and long-lasting relationship with your loved ones. If you do drop by Kooshi and pick something similar to mine, do let me know!!! ;)

Cheerios ~


Ivy Seah said...

I love all your pokka dots bras in the luggage. Can I know where do you get your pink bra with black pokka dots from?

Jacqueline said...

From theblogshop. =)) Not sure if there is still stocks... super KAWAII! =)