5th Sept 2011 -  Navy dress, pink bow clip and 
brown 'vintage' bag from THEBLOGSHOP.
Far East Plaza #03-93. Tel: 68874956
35 Haji Lane. Tel: 63966170

Authentic pink fox fur coat from Korea.

Donning a head of messy-i-just-woke-up-hair /  Barbie eye brown lens / 
Japanese powder to make my skin resemble a porcelain doll/
Make-up forever HD Microfinish powder

Truth be told, the Japanese powder that makes my skin 
resemble a porcelain doll IS MOTHER UGLY when you 
see me face to face. It is slightly glittery, makes my skin glow like 
a twilight vampire. 
( ̄~ ̄)"""" 
But in photos, it makes my skin look absolutely perfect, no pores,
brightens my skin, reflects light and all things good occurs only
in front of a camera. 

Oh and look who's in my daily dressing pics? My 13 yr old mini 
schnauzer - N'drea Annabelle Koh. She's very very very lazy 
and abt 30% overweight. LOL.... and she is very very sticky.
She wants to be in my photos too! and at the last photo, she's 
demanding to be carried just because I said, "Ok, let's go!"

I went for an RF session for my face today. I would be blogging
about the treatments I go through for my face and body soon!
Stay Tuned! =D 


Alicia Tan said...

Aww your dog is SUPER CUTE! & you are super pretty! :D

Jacqueline said...

Thanks! =D Not super pretty la... just tons of hard work... not like other ppl naturally got good skin / good figure... =p

Alicia Tan said...

You have a charc which I admire a lot :) You look really great!!

Jacqueline said...

Thanks babe! =)

Savannah said...

Hi Jacqueline, you look awesome, even before your surgeries. Could you tell us which surgeons you went to for which procedures and why you chose them?

Jacqueline said...

Savannag : Babe read my latest blog post on plastic surgery. =) I wrote in details what operations I went through, what I looked like before op, and how I look like now. =) www.babelicious-me.com