We went on board a friend's yacht at ONE°15 Marina Club on National Day 9th August 2011. Our destination - Lazarus island. We were going on a picnic. This is also the first time I met Michelle who is super outgoing and friendly. =)

Interior of the yacht we cruised on....

With the gang....

Leaving the dock....

We were catching up as we have not met Rykiel in a long time!!!!

Rykiel was showing me the iphone apps she downloaded.... OMG!!!!!!!!!!!
I want an iphone too!!!!!! I want the iphone 5!!!!!!

Group photo... there was another 4 of us on the other side of the yacht though... lol...
Michelle is so kawaii!!!! We had to take an Inflatable dinghy to get to shore and I was super SCARED!!! She was also afraid of the dinghy and in order to keep her handphone dry, she
stuffed it into her ample bosoms. LOL.... super cute!

Lazarus island!! We did a mini photoshoot for KandyKayne there. Yes yes!!! Any time is a good
time for a photoshoot!!! I can't show you peeps Kandykayne shots yet... so stay tuned. *winkz*

I also did a mini shoot for myself in the sunset.

National Day parade!!!!

After the picnic, we left Lazarus island. Scenery of the island...

We started our gossiping session onboard and Kay Kay started her strip tease....
hahahahh I was totally joking!

The breeze was amazing!!!!! We saw the entire display of fireworks on the yacht but I don't
have photos as the photographer was seasick. LOL...

Random sights while we were onboard the yacht.

Back at ONE°15 Marina Club.

They say this is the Lamborghini of yachts. LOL

One last photo of me onboard the yacht.

9th August 2011 -  Mint Maxi dress from THEBLOGSHOP.
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35 Haji Lane. Tel: 63966170


Barbara Riobo Tiozzo-Lyon said...

next to your friends look like an ordinary person, your friends are much more beautiful than you because they have a normal face, your face is thin too thin lost its normal shape.
I know I'm not very polite saying these words, but true. not canons of beauty that exist in Asia, but the parameters are unrealistic and unbalanced.
I apologize if I seem rude.

Jacqueline said...

Thanks for your comments. =)

"What you do not know distorts your ability to judge with precision."