We went to Universal Studios to do a KandyKayne mini shoot last monday.

While applying make-up for my babygirl Kay Kay
this woody woodpecker mascot came and gave
Kay Kay such a scare. Her facial expression is PRICELESS... LOL....

Touching up her make-up in public... 
Who said running an online business was easy? 

Random shots to test the sunlight before actually shooting Kay Kay. =)
I was smiling so happily BECAUSE..... 
I was just holding a piece of baby wipe; 
and the gang was teasing me about me being OCD. =p

Still testing the lighting.... AYG cute!   *^_^* 

Adjusting Kay Kay's falsies and we are good to GO!!!

Not going to show you peeps KandyKayne's new arrivals yet... 
BUT keep a lookout because we are launching them soon!!!!
After the mini KandyKayne shoot, we started going on the rides!

Battlestar Galactica — A dueling coaster featuring a
family-friendly  “Human” side and a “Cylon” side.
We only went on the Cylon ride and IT WAS OMG SCARY!!!!!!
Throughout the whole ride, I kept screaming: "OMG OMG OMG!!!! I don't want to die!"
hahahahaha... and Kay Kay kept screaming: "SO FUN!!!
Not scary one!!" And kicked her legs up and down like a little girl.
WAH LAU....(O_O)
When we alighted this ride, my legs were wobbly... Lol...WTF?!

Kay Kay went on the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure Ride
with the rest but I didn't want to go as I did not want to get wet.
Here she is in her poncho!!! But she still got pretty wet in the end... LOL..

While waiting for the gang, I sat on the floor...
When you are TIRED and traumatised (from the Cylon ride),
OCD doesn't matter no more.  LOL....

I'm in a Dandyx Guns & Roses Singlet + Criss Cross Leggings from THEBLOGSHOP.

The male version of my DANDYX top 
will soon be available at Yutakis' online boutique! =D

After the gang were done with the Jurassic Park Rapid Adventure Ride,
we went on this Madagascar merry-go-round.

OK I have a story to tell here....
YOU PEEPS don't go and JUDGE ME ok....

While we were in the queue, I asked Kay Kay: "Which animal do you want?"
She wanted to ride on the lion, so I went to 'chope' the lion for her.
I reached the lion first and I placed my hand on the lion's saddle.
Then a little girl about 8 years old came along and climbed up the lion's saddle.
I was pretty unhappy as I was there first + my babygirl wants this ride.
So I told the little girl: "Girl, in front there got one more lion."
The little girl started crying and her STUPID MOTHER who just arrived
came and shouted at both me and Kay Kay.
WTF seriously.... I mean as a mother, shouldn't you set a good example?
At the very least be nice and polite saying: "You give way to her can?
She really really likes the lion alot."
Instead, she shouted at us saying: "EH YOU 2 SO BIG ALREADY SNATCH

Super irritating.... so we went to the next lion. And I was pretty pissed.
Little wonder why kids these days have absolutely no manners at all.
At least teach your kids to ask nicely ok.
No one OWES you anything!
PLUS, I never snatch from the little girl!
And I would have given the seat to her if the little girl had asked nicely,
but she didn't , she immediately climbed up onto the seat.
I also would have given to the little girl willingly IF her mum had
been politely asking for her daughter.

Anyway.... Yup, Kay Kay still rode on a lion, and I got a zebra instead. =)

With bokeh....

Me relating the story of the little girl to the photographer while
Kay Kay is all smiles 'cos she is riding on the LION!

Look how happy she is....

Lights, Camera, Action looks so bland and boring from the outside.
But it is actually very interesting and REAL!!!!
It features a hurricane simulation hosted by Steven Spielberg!

With the Charlie Chaplin mascot....
Scallop skirt on Kay kay will be for sale on KandyKayne soon!!!!!

We went to the souvenir shop and.....

REMEMBER I told you I would be showing you
peeps Kay Kay's NEW BOYFRIEND?????
THERE.... this guy la.... having his hands
all round her and near her nok nok somemore...

Ok la... that's all for now...
Laters.... =)