"A young man pleasurable to the eye that you have as a 'toy' with no intention of a serious relationship. Used often as a rebound after a failed relationship."

My friend, let's call her A, for the ease of referring to her and also to keep her anonymous, has recently attained herself a Toyboy.  It seems like Toyboys are all the rage these days.  A has just gotten seperated from her husband, let's call him B, of 9 years, she found out that he has been cheating on her for 4 years of their marriage.  Just for the record, their child would be referred to as, yup you got that right, C. LOL.

Let me tell you their story.

A and B dated for 3 years and got married after graduation.  They had the perfect family life; B was always home straight after work, A would cook for the whole family, and their baby C was a little button of cuteness and charm.  Every weekend, B spent time with his family, bringing them out to the beach, to the zoo, to USS etc etc etc.  One Tuesday afternoon, A went to her husband's office to bring him lunch as she had wanted to surprise him.  Upon arriving at the office, her husband wasn't in.  She asked his secretary where he was and the secretary said that he was with a client.  A sat in B's office alone and she got bored, so she looked through his papers and opened his drawers only to find a secret handphone - one she never knew existed - in the drawers.  She scrolled through the messages in the handphone, and found out that B had been cheating on her with another woman - let's call her CB, for the past 2 years!  B has been having LUNCH SEX with this girl.  And worse of all, she is truly A DIGUSTING SIGHT - the mistress is FAT weighing at least 15kg more than A, she is UGLY - what with her huge wide nose which has a really noticeable bump on the center, wide jaws, small beady eyes, a passable smile - which is that DIRTY FILTHY mouth that B puts his DIGUSTING D**K into. Nothing about CB is attractive.  I mean, if you were to have a mistress out of your marriage, wouldn't you be SMARTER and choose someone prettier or sexier?  Ok, I give it to CB that she has personality. BUT with her kinda FACE, she really needs to UPSELL her personality!

And so, after A saw the messages on the handphone, she decided to file for a divorce from B.  B was very shocked and sad and begged his wife for forgiveness.  But A was relentless in her decision.

A had been sad after throwing B out of their shared home.  Baby C was left in her mother's care.  A would cry to me at night and she couldn't sleep.  She felt that she has lost her self-worth and was very angry with herself.  Under my encouragement, she decided to totally change her diet, slim down, go for more facials and body massages, and to take better care of herself.

Sometimes, in life, things change.  In her case, things change for the BETTER!  As it turned out, there are plenty of young men out there who are keen to date older women.  She was very paranoid to get back into the dating game as she was in her late thirties and she felt that it was "tough" competing with the XMMs - xiao mei meis out there.  However, she met her first Toy Boy online, who was about 10 years her junior.  And when you have walked out of a marriage with a cheating husband, any Toy Boy would make you go over the moon!  He makes her so happy.  She tells me that she has never felt this before in her entire 30+++ years.  He does not judge her, and neither does he take money from her; he earns his own keep, has his own life, and simply likes older women.  As such, they are completely comfortable in each others' presence.  There are many who may judge her, but I am very happy for her!

Will you judge a lady with a Toyboy?


Silhouette said...

Nope, as long as she is happy

Tina said...

If men can date younger women, why can't women date younger men? All the power to them. As long as no one is being hurt, it's all good! :)