Do you face problems with your skin?  I used to, but not anymore!  Here's how I do it ;)

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Since I stay home a lot, I drink almost 12 glasses of water a day.  It helps to hydrate your body and ensure that your skin is well-moisturized, ensuring that you do not end up having dry and itchy skin.

There is a plethora of choices for the right product for your skin.  I have blown $ on all sorts of products that aren't suitable for my skin, and had caused redness and itchiness, despite it being supposedly "branded".  A great example would be one time when I bought a whole range of De La Mer products only to find that they caused my skin to turn red and itchy!  HIGH PRICE =/= CORRECT FOR YOUR SKIN
Everyone's skin is different and that's why there are so many different types of products, and that's why they have "testers".  Try out a few and see which you feel the most comfortable with, then buy it and stick to it.  I have had bad experiences when I tried out too many products at a go! 

For Acne problems, I feel that there is a universal brand that is pretty much suitable for all skin types.  I am using Differin (available from pharmacies) for my pimples that pop up now and then.  I recommended this to Eric Lim, who has seen a tremendous improvement in complexion after using it!

The trick to moisturizers is quite simple, but so many people are blinded by brands that they forget this: if you have oily skin, use a water-based moisturizer.  If you have dry skin, use an oil-based moisturizer.  That's all there is to it!

It may sure look tempting, but squeezing that pimple is a surefire way of planting scars on your face.  Scars are the most troublesome, because while they are removable, it is a pain to go through a laser removal process when you can just avoid that scar in the first place by RESISTING YOUR TEMPTATION.

In fact, don't even touch your face with your hands!  There is an infinite amount of dirt that gets on your hands during the day and this very dirt is the cause of blackheads and pimples.  

Rome wasn't built in a day, and your face isn't going to be beautiful overnight.  You need to be disciplined enough to carry out your daily regimen of skincare in order to have long-term effects!  

Always remove your make-up before you go to sleep.  It is very dirty and unhygienic to leave even a speck of make-up on through the night.  Your pores could get clogged and your skin could get irritated.  No matter how tired you are, why take the chance?

Use a scrub on your face at least once a week.  It's like "microdermabrasion".  Such scrubs help to brush off dirt particles on your skin and keep it fresh and clean.  Don't scrub everyday though; you could end up skinning yourself.  Pun intended.  Haha!

Masks are the last key to your regimen.  While I use them everyday, once a week is sufficient.  I won't go into what type of mask you should use, because everyone's skin responds differently to various products.  Similarly as above, find the mask that you are most comfortable with and use it religiously.

And that's all!  Let me know if you see an improvement in your skin, because Eric does!  :)