You might not have a stylist like those Hollywood celebs at your beck and call, BUT you can still look good 24/7!  Here's a guide for those lazy girls like me who want to look good with minimal effort. ;)

1) Eat your vitamins!!!! Especially your vitamin Cs!

This 'anti-aging' vitamin is know for being an extremely effective addition to skin care routines.  As an antioxidant, it helps your skin get rid of "free radicals", which are stuff that can greatly damage your skin.  In addition, Vitamin C can help your body rev up its production of collagen, the gold of youth.

Currently, I am taking the Sato Hakubi White C and Sato Hakubi Vit C.

2) Know what suits your body best!!!

The first and hardest step is taking the time to clear your wardrobe out.  Do it at least twice a year!  If you haven't worn something for a year, out it goes!!!  And don't hang on to things thinking they'll come back in fashion.  It may be true that fashion trends are cyclical, but they will never repeat in exact style.  You can expect to wear high fashion for three years at most, but only if you had bought it when it was coming into, rather than out of style.

Know your body type and dress accordingly.  Don't appear to try too hard or the look will be disastrous.

Dos and Don'ts for every body…

Big Bust?
    Go for V-necks and low, wide necklines.
    Wear high necklines, including halter necks and turtle necks.

    Small bust?
    Emphasize on other things like great upper arms or a nice back.
    Wear tops with defined cups you can’t fill.

    Short legs? 
    Match your shoes to your hemline to create a continuous line of colour.
    Choose short tops or jackets that don’t meet your waistline.

    Wide hips and bum?
    Choose long jackets and cardigans. 
    Buy white, light-coloured or high-waisted trousers.

If you get your wardrobe right, you'll always have something to wear!  Do away with those : "I have tons of clothes and nothing to wear" chants! 

3) Know what type of make-up suits you best!  

The amount of time you spend dolling up your face is irrelevant to the beauty of the results.  You simply need to know what colours suit you best!  For some, a little dab of concealer and mascara goes a long way; for others, a smudge of eyeliner + bronzer is a must.  So find out what suits you best (usually by trial and error), focus on highlighting your features while downplaying your flaws, and you'll be good to go.

4) Put some pizzazz into your hair!!!

If you are being lazy at putting make-up the least you can do is give your hair a good look.  Don’t look so shocked, I lie on that extreme end in the spectrum of laziness, where I simply do not bother with brushing or combing. If you see me with my hair all bundled up in various knots or curls, its simply because I caught the lazy bug! =p but since I bother with proper make-up, I have the excuse of being lazy with my hair!

5) Spray on some sexxxxy perfume!!!

Lastly, this one is a breeze for all of us lazy people.... SPRAY on some perfume! We should at least smell nice to cover our lazy asses.  Lol.... 

I hope this has been useful for a mini makeover for yourself. Till the next time, Cheerios~~~ =)